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Snow spirits
Snow Spirits.PNG
First appearance Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (2009)
Star Spirits
Notable members
Frosty, Sparky, Pola, Cuby, Icy, Blizza

The snow spirits are major characters of the Adventure Tours in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. In the Story Mode, Bowser and Dr. Eggman are working together to melt all the snow in the Winter Games by capturing all Snow Spirits. Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog team up to stop them and save the snow spirits. During the mode, Mario and Sonic meets several characters who will join them on their quest after completing their set of challenges. The snow spirits can be saved when beaten all the Rivals challenges.

The snow spirits[edit]


Frosty is the first snow spirit Mario and Sonic encounter. He is the leader of the snow spirits because of his determined attitude. When Mario and Sonic arrive at the top of Icepeak, Rouge is there to challenge them to a Figure Skating match. Bowser and Eggman appear with Blizza, Blizland's snow spirit and offer Rouge a larger whitestone if she challenges Mario and Sonic. Rouge accepts the offer and tells Bowser and Eggman if she doesn't win they have to give up Blizza. When Rouge is defeated she helps save Blizza, but Frosty is kidnapped by Bowser and Eggman. When Mario and Sonic arrive in Blizland, they have to defeat Dry Bowser. Once Dry Bowser is defeated, Blizza sneaks up on him and frees Frosty. At the end Mario and Sonic have to defeat Bowser and Eggman to end the Adventure Tours.


Sparky is the second snow spirit Mario and Sonic encounter. Frosty doesn't leave after Mario and Sonic defeat Eggman Nega. Sparky is a jokester and wants everyone to be happy, and he is energetic and full of life. He is the opposite of Blizza because he doesn't take anything seriously. He thinks that anyone who stands in Mario or Sonic's way is a piece of cake to defeat. After defeating Dry Bowser, he stays in his island, Sparkleton, in time for the snow festival and to keep the snow going.


Pola is the third snow spirit Mario and Sonic encounter. Pola is a gentle, calm, and very sweet spirit. She lives in Polastraits, an island surrounded by water and ice. Pola is an opposite of Icy. She is determined to do what's right and doesn't make a fit. She is rescued after Mario and Sonic defeat Dry Bowser.


Cuby is the fourth snow spirit Mario and Sonic encounter. He is an energetic spirit and always wants something to eat. He is rescued after Mario and Sonic defeat Eggman Nega (again). After Eggman Nega is defeated, he starts to teleport and gives Mario and Sonic Cuby. When he is gone he forgets that Cuby wasn't released out of the prison and Cuby falls right into the water. Luckily, Cuby saved his breath and he made it safely back to the surface. At the end Cuby leaves (for a lunch break) after Mario and Sonic defeat Big Bullet Bill and the next snow spirit is released.


Icy is known as the doubtful. He is scared of anything and is not as confident as Blizza; he is, in fact, the opposite of Blizza. Icy is rescued when Mario and Sonic defeat Big Bullet Bill. Icy is the snow spirit of Icepeak, an island full of tunnels and mountain peaks. At the end, Mario and Sonic defeat Rouge the Bat and the next snow spirit is rescued, Blizza.


Blizza is the last snow spirit Mario and Sonic meet. She is the opposite of Sparky and Icy. She is confident and never thinks that everything is a joke. She helps rescue Frosty when Mario and Sonic defeat Dry Bowser (again) after she "makes fun" of him in order to get him to challenge Mario and Sonic to a round of Curling Bowling. Afterward, she tells Dry Bowser that she thinks it is time he "turned tail and slunk his way out of Blizland". She is the last snow spirit to be saved at the end of the Adventure Tours. Her home island is Blizland.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Spriti della neve Snow spirits


  • The snow spirits have a strong resemblance to the Star Spirits in name, appearance, and role in the story.
  • Each of the snow spirits' names are puns on the towns they live in, each being either from Winter Island or Dream Island.