Deluxe Halfpipe

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Deluxe Halfpipe

Deluxe Halfpipe is a Dream Event in the DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The objective of this event is to score as many points as the player can by doing tricks with the yellow and orange up ramps, and win by one minute while using Coins for special tricks and the rainbow ramps for a quick burst of speed. The player can also do special tricks by collecting 5 coins and input Commands. A successful special trick adds 5,000 points to the player's current score. If players doesn't finish the special trick in time, they don't get any points for the trick. Coins are provided during the event. If players don't get to the end of the course within one minute, then they get no points for the event.

Rule Info[edit]

Land all the tricks you can in 1 minute! Grab 5 coins to try a special trick! But if you fail, you lose half of your coins. And if you don't reach the goal in time, you get zero points!

Basic Controls[edit]

  • Y Button Button: Accelerate
  • Control Pad: Turn, Tricks
  • Hold R Button while turning: Drift
  • A Button/B Button/X Button/Y Button Buttons: Grabs
  • Special Trick: Commands