Ice Hockey (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for Nintendo DS)

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Ice Hockey
IceHockey OlympicWinterGames.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Ice Hockey
Info Play a game of Ice Hockey with two skaters and a goalie per team. Note that fewer skaters can be on the ice as a result of penalties (charging a player from behind). A regular game consists of two 10-minute periods, with a three-minute sudden-victory overtime period if the game is tied at the end of the second period.
Score goals by putting the puck in the foe's net. Most goals wins.
Controls Move: Touch and hold (where you want to go)
Pass: Tap Touch Screen (where you want to pass)
Shoot: Slide toward goal
Check: Slide (when on defense)

Ice Hockey is an Ice Hockey Event that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to score more goals than the opposing team, with the event taking place in the Canada Hockey Place.


In this event, the player plays two matches, a qualifying match that decides whether they proceed to the final or third round match, and the second match to decide their final position in the event. Each match has two halves of a set length of time with a short break in between the two, and a three minute overtime period if the match is a draw at the end of both halves. The player chooses two characters for this event, and also has a Shy Guy goalie in a color that matches that of their team. To start the match, the player must touch the Touch Screen when "Start!" appears onscreen to try to gain control of the puck. If the player manages to gain control of the puck, they can move their character around by moving the stylus in the direction that they would like to move their character, and can pass to their teammate by touching them. The more times the player passes the puck among their own team, the higher the combo the team has, indicated by the number of musical notes with each pass, and the more likely a shot at the goal is to be successful. To shoot, the player must slide in the direction of the goal, and can perform a more powerful shot by sliding backwards and then forwards. After each successful goal, the puck is returned to the centre of the rink. If the other team manages to gain control of the puck, the player can attempt to take it from the other team by sliding one of their players into the opponent with the puck or can slide in the direction of the opponent to perform a check, however if they hit another player from behind they will perform a foul and receive a penalty. The player can also change which character they are controlling when the other team has the puck by tapping on the other character. If the opponents make a shot towards the goal, the player can touch their goalie to help attempt to defend the goal. The team with the most goals at the end of two halves wins the match.

In this event, the player can set the length of the halves to either 5:00, 10:00 or 15:00, and the game speed to slow, normal or fast.


Rule Info[edit]

Teams of three vie for the most goals scored. Move the puck, pass, and shoot to score!


  • Touch the Touch Screen when it says "START!"
  • Whoever's quicker gets the puck!
  • Hold the stylus down on your destination!
  • Tap the Touch Screen to pass in that direction!
  • Continue to pass to gain combo (♪) marks!
  • Slide towards the goal to shoot the puck!
  • Rack up combos to raise the shot's success rate!


  • Approach the rival with the puck to charge!
  • Slide to check! Connect and you'll get the puck!
  • But this can sometimes get you kicked out.
  • Tap a teammate to do a cursor change!
  • Choose who you control wisely as you play!

Advanced Tips[edit]

  • Shoot after sliding towards your own goal
  • to send the puck in the direction you aimed!
  • Tap the goalie when the puck comes into contact!
  • Time it well, and you'll block the shot!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイスホッケー
Ice hockey