Ski Shooting

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Ski Shooting
Ski Shooting.JPG
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Dream Biathlon
Info Compete for points in a riflery match on a special biathlon course.
Controls Shoot: Touch the target
Item: Touch the item slot

Ski Shooting is a Dream Biathlon Dream Event in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to score as many points as possible by shooting various targets, with the event taking place at Hunters Athletic. The starting course record for this event is 13600.


In this event, the player plays four rounds, the first three of which are against a different character, and the final one is against the character other than the player with the most points going into the final round. Each round is different, with the first round being a simple range, the second one featuring lots of targets moving on minecarts before going onto a section in the sky with many moving targets, the third one consists of the player moving through the threes to hit stationary targets, and the final one is a boss fight against an Egg Hammer alongside several moving targets. To shoot the targets, the player must touch the Touch Screen where they would like to fire. Different targets are worth different amounts of points, with square ones awarding 10 points, circular ones awarding 30, diamond-shaped ones awarding 50, star-shaped ones awarding 100 and multicolored special targets worth 100 points. The course also features circular penalty targets featuring winged skulls on them, which deduct 100 points from the player's score when hit. The player can score combos by shooting several targets of the same color in order, with the number of points scored for the target multiplied by the total number of targets hit in the combo. Hitting targets of another color, penalty targets or missing altogether ends the combo, however hitting Item Boxes or special targets does not. When the player shoots an Item Box, they will gain an item, which can be used by toughing the item slot. The items that the player can receive are:

  • Bomb: Blows up all targets currently onscreen and awards the player the points without combos for shooting them all without incurring any penalties.
  • Super Star: Allows the player to score a combo by hitting any color of target.
  • Chaos Emerald: Stuns all of the opponents and prevents them from shooting for a short amount of time.
  • Barrier: Blocks an attack from a Chaos Emerald.
  • Boo: Steals an item from an opponent if they have one when the item is used.

If the player finishes a round with an item still stored in their item slot, the item will be gone in the next round. Aside from the regular targets, the course also features some Flappers carrying pairs of targets, which do not give any points when hit, and will drop their targets, meaning that points cannot be scored for these either. The course also features an Egg Hammer as the final boss, which can be defeated by shooting it while its hammer is raised. While hitting it does not score any points, defeating it will cause a large number of 100 point and special targets to appear. The character with the most points overall at the end of the event wins.


Rule Info[edit]

Players pair up and face off in 4 stages. Teams change after each stage, and the player with the most points at the end wins! There's a boss on the last stage. When the hammer's up, go for it!

Basic Controls[edit]

  • Touch the Touch Screen to shoot!
  • Targets can be worth 10, 30, 50 or 100 points.
  • Hit the same color in a row for a combo bonus!
  • Shoot a penalty target and you'll lose points!
  • Be careful to avoid them!

Advanced Tips[edit]

  • Shoot an item box to grab the item inside!
  • Touch the item slot to use it!
  • Hit the Special Target for 500 points!
  • As part of a combo, it can mean a lot more!


  • 10 Point Target: Hit it for 10 points.
  • 30 Point Target: Hit it for 30 points.
  • 50 Point Target: Hit it for 50 points.
  • 100 Point Target: Hit it for 100 points.
  • Penalty Target: 100 pt. penalty if hit.
  • Special Target: Hit it for 500 points.


  • Bomb: Hits every target on the screen.
  • Super Star: Combos link regardless of target color.
  • Chaos Emerald: A lightning bolt stops opponents from shooting.
  • Barrier: Blocks one enemy Chaos Emerald attack.
  • Boo: Steals items from an opponent.