Ski Shooting

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Ski Shooting

Ski Shooting is the Dream Event variation of Biathlon in the DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. It is similar to Dream Shooting from Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games shooting a large Egg Pawn. Targets appear during the game, which the players shoot to receive points. The targets are randomly worth a different amount of points, and they are different shapes. If the player shoots the Eggman target, points are deducted.

There are four ends in the event. The first end has most of the targets on poles with a few that are thrown. The first part of the second end requires shooting targets on some trains, with some targets randomly flying around, including two targets on a pole attached to a flying Egg Pawn. The second part is in the sky. In the third part, the players shoot the targets while skiing. The last part has the Egg Hammer. The only way to shoot it is when it is about to slam its hammer down. If neither player shoots it before he slams his hammer, both players will be struck by lightning. By shooting it three times to defeat it, many different targets will pop out. By shooting same colored targets consecutively, combo points are awarded. Whoever has the most points overall wins the event.


  • Bomb: Hits all targets on the screen.
  • Star: Makes combos easier as if all targets were the same color.
  • Chaos Emerald: Opposing player gets struck by lightning, and they cannot shoot for a moment.
  • Barrier: Protection against lightning once.
  • Boo: Steals opponent's item if they have one.