Light Five Lamps!

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Light Five Lamps!

Light Five Lamps! is a minigame found in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. To gain access to it, the player has to get Yoshi join their team. In Sparkleton, Mario and company will find a close gate. Close by, there is a series of five buttons. However, only Yoshi can reach them by using his long tongue. So if he is in the team and Mario or Sonic visits this place, the minigame starts.


The minigame starts with five buttons and five lamps on the wall. Yoshi has to hit a button with his tongue when it is glowing to light a lamp. He has to keep doing so until all of the buttons are hit, and all the lamps are lit up so the gate will open.


Press the glowing buttons to light lamps. Learn the pattern and get all 5 lamps lit!