Blow Away Chain Chomp!

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Blow Away Chain Chomp!

Blow Away Chain Chomp! is a minigame found in Blizland in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The player plays as Wario in this minigame. The player must try and blow Chain Chomp off a platform. The player loses if the time is expired or Wario falls off the stage (by the Chain Chomp's ramming attack). The player must use the A button to use to blow the Chain Chomp off the platform. If Chain Chomp falls off, victory goes to the player.


The gameplay starts with Chain Chomp and Wario on a square platform, then Wario tries to knock Chain Chomp into a pit. In order to do so, Wario must use his Wario Waft ability to blow Chain Chomp of the platform, if Chain Chomp touches Wario, he will fly off in a very short distance. The player must be careful not to be at the edge, because if Chain Chomp uses his ramming attack, Wario will be knocked away from the platform and lose. Also the player must knock off Chain Chomp quickly before the time runs out.


Blow away Chain Chomp with a Wario Waft! You lose if Wario falls of the stage.