Climb to the Top!

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Donkey Kong climbing up.

Climb to the Top! is a minigame found in Polastraits in the Nintendo DS game Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The player plays as Donkey Kong, and uses the left, right, and up buttons on the control pad and the A button to play. Donkey Kong must climb up a pillar that has a button on the top in order to activate a bridge within forty-five seconds. Along the way, bombs, bananas, and blocks of ice will fall from the top. The player can press A to punch through blocks of ice or simply avoid them by pressing the left and right buttons, all the while climbing up with A. However, if the player fails to avoid a block of ice or a bomb, then Donkey Kong will fall back. Bananas, when touched by Donkey Kong, will give him extra speed for a short amount of time. Once at the top, the player must press A for Donkey Kong to punch the device that dropped the bombs, ice, and bananas. He will then jump on top of the button.


Scale the pillar while dodging bombs and punching out ice. Grab bananas for extra speed!