Dream Alpine (Team)

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Dream Alpine
TeamDreamAlpine MSOWG Wii.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii)
Type Dream Alpine

Dream Alpine is a Dream Alpine Dream Event that appears in the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to complete the course in the fastest possible time as a team, with the event taking place on Seaside Hill. To unlock this event, the player must either reach the third day of Festival Mode or the fourth day of Team Festival Mode. Espio appears as a referee in this event.


In this event, the player competes as part of a team to complete the course in the fastest combined time. The player skis down the course at the same time as their opponents, and their combined time is used to decide the winner of the event. To start the event, the player must swing the Wii Remote down when the countdown finishes and "GO!" appears onscreen. Doing so with perfect timing will grant the player an initial speed boost when starting the event. Once the player starts skiing, they can tilt the Wii Remote forwards to crouch, which allows the character to travel at a faster speed but makes turning harder. The player can turn by tilting the Wii Remote left and right, with sharper turns performed by tilting the Wii Remote further. Particularly sharp turns will stop a crouching character from crouching and cause them to assume an upright position. The player can also brake by tilting the Wii Remote backwards, and can push off again either from braking or losing speed by shaking the Wii Remote down. When the player approaches a jump ramp, they must swing the Wii Remote upwards to allow them to gain extra jump height and give them more time to perform tricks. Once in the air, the player can perform basic tricks by swinging the Wii Remote up, down, left and right, and after performing at least two of these, a shape will appear onscreen, prompting the player to trace the shape to be able to perform a more complicated trick. Performing more and better tricks gives the player a larger speed boost upon landing, however attempting to perform a trick as the character reaches the snow will cause them to lose speed instead. The player can also slipstream other characters by following them for an extended amount of time, giving them a speed boost while they remain behind the character. Players can also gain speed by passing between gates, with yellow gates providing a smaller boost and red gates providing a larger one. The course also features Dash Panels, which give the player a speed boost and Springs which launch characters into the air without requiring jump input. The player can perform their special action by pressing A Button, which gives them a short boost of speed. The player has one special action per race, but can gain more by collecting five of the Rings on the course or by obtaining a special action item. The player can also pick up Star Team Coins from the course, which grant the whole team the Super Star's effects when a total of four are collected by the team. The course also features some obstacles, including red-striped deep snow, which slows the player down, large rolling stones that knock the character over and cause them to lose speed when hit, Egg Pawns that walk around and cause the character to lose speed if hit, Kikis that cause the player to lose speed if hit as well as throwing Bombs that explode and cause characters caught in the explosion to lose speed and an Egg Hammer that slowly walks around and occasionally slams down its hammer, causing characters hitting it to lose speed. The course also features Item Boxes, which the player can pick up to gain an item that is used by pressing B Button. There are several types of item, each with different effects:

  • Super Star- Grants the player invincibility and a speed boost for a short amount of time.
  • High Speed Shoes- Gives the player a speed boost for a short amount of time.
  • Barrier- Protects the player from one hit.
  • Special Action- Gives the player an additional special action.
  • Warp Hole- If used in first place, warps the character in last place to the player. If used in any other place, warps the player to the character in first.



  • In the Team Dream Alpine event, players race down a trick-laden course, passing through flag gates for the shortest time to the finish.
  • Passing through gates offers a boost in speed-- a moderate one for yellow gates, and a bigger one for red gates. Ski with an eye on the gates!
  • In a team match, you'll work together for the shortest combined team time. Work together to achieve the best time!
  • Make the most out of items and hone your technique to carve out the perfect run!


  • Hold the Wii Remote like a ski pole to play.
  • Shake the Wii Remote when the count of "3, 2, 1, GO!" reaches "GO!" for a starting dash.
  • Tilt the Wii Remote left or right to turn. The further you tilt it, the sharper the turn!
  • Tilt the Wii Remote forward to crouch down for an increase in speed.
  • Twist the Wii Remote while crouching to perform a crouching turn. Crouching turns are less sharp than normal turns.
  • Tilt the Wii Remote backwards to brake!
  • Swing the Wii Remote upwards when crossing the jump platforms found throughout the course to perform a big jump.
  • To perform tricks, swing the Wii Remote up, down, left, or right in mid-jump!
  • When a trick icon pops up on the screen, move the Wii Remote in that shape to do a special trick!
  • If you slow down, you can shake the Wii Remote down to push off to build up speed again.
  • Press B Button to use items.


  • There are two different kinds of gates: red and yellow. Yellow gates are placed in easy-to-reach locations, but only offer a medium speed bonus.
  • Red gates are found in trickier spots, but offer a big burst of speed when passed through.
  • You can also hit the inside of a gate as you pass through for a boost in speed.
  • Cross dash panels found throughout the course to get a speed boost, or hit a spring to jump. Use the wacky terrain to your advantage!
  • The more tricks you pull off after launching into a major jump, the greater the speed boost you'll receive upon landing.
  • Press A Button to use your special action! In the Dream Alpine event, special actions can be reused after collecting 5 rings.
  • Using special actions wisely and carefully and choosing the optimal path are the keys to netting the shortest time!


  • Collect a Super Star to become invincible and move faster than normal for a set time.
  • Using High Speed Shoes will boost your speed for a set time, letting you go faster.
  • The Barrier shields you from a single attack.
  • The Special Action item allows you to use your special action again.
  • The Warp Hole will warp teammates to the location of a character further ahead. Warp Holes only appear during team battles!
  • Collect as many Star Team Coins as there are team members to activate the Super Star's effects for all team members!