Dream Snowboard Cross (Team)

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Dream Snowboard Cross
DreamSnowboardCrossTeam WinterGames.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii)
Type Dream Snowboard Cross

Dream Snowboard Cross is a Dream Snowboard Cross Dream Event that appears in the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to complete the course in the fastest combined time, with the event taking place on Radical Highway. To unlock this event, the player must reach day 16 in Festival Mode or day 12 in Team Festival Mode. The starting record for this event is held by Waluigi with a time of 10:00.000.


Before the event starts, the player chooses their snowboarding style from regular or goofy, though this has little impact on the gameplay of the event. The player starts by swinging the Wii Remote downwards, and will gain a starting speed boost by swinging their Wii Remote down with the right timing, though their start will be delayed if they swing down too early. Once the character starts making their way through the course, the player can steer them by tilting the Wii Remote in the direction they want to travel, brake by tilting the Wii Remote towards them, and push off again when they come to a stop by swinging the Wii Remote down. The player can also cause their character to crouch by tilting the Wii Remote forward, which makes it harder to turn but boosts the character's speed and allows them to crest small hills for a boost of speed. Players can perform jumps by swinging the Wii Remote upwards, and can gain air time by performing jumps from the end of ramps and grind rails or by being launched from a Spring. Once in the air, the player can perform basic tricks by swinging the Wii Remote in any direction, and advanced tricks by pressing +Control Pad and inputting the command that appears onscreen. The more tricks the player performs in the air, the better the speed boost upon landing, though performing tricks as the character lands will cause them to crash and lose speed. Grind rails appear in various places on the course, and will give the character a speed boost when travelling along them, though the player must use the Wii Remote to balance the character to prevent them from falling off an losing speed. Dash Panels also appear on the course, and boost characters' speed when travelled over, as well as allowing them to complete loops. The course also features several obstacles that cause the player to lose speed, and some which also knock the player over. Deep snow slows player down while they travel though it, road block barriers cause the player to lose speed but can be eventually knocked over, Egg Hammers and Egg Pawns move around the track and knock over characters they hit, with Egg Hammers additionally swinging hammers at the characters, and Golas stay in one position and knock over characters that they hit. Special actions can be performed by pressing A Button, and will give the character a short boost of speed when used. one is given to the player at the start of the event, and after use can be replenished by collecting five of the Rings on the course or by collecting a special action item. The player can also pick up Item Boxes on the course, and use items by pressing B Button. Five items can be obtained from the boxes:

  • Super Star: Grants the player invincibility from course obstacles and a speed boost for a short amount of time. If a player using it hits an Egg Pawn, it will be destroyed.
  • High Speed Shoes: Gives the player a speed boost for a short amount of time.
  • Barrier: Indefinitely protects the player form on hit from a course obstacle.
  • Special Action: Allows the player to use their special action again.
  • Warp Hole: Warps the user to the character in first, or the last place character to the first place one if used by the leader.

Star Team Coins also appear on the course, and when four are collected by the team, they grant all of the team members the effect of the Super Star. Each character's individual time is recorded for the event, and the team with the lowest combined time wins the event.



  • In the Dream Snowboard Cross Team event, four players race on a trick-laden course, trying for the shortest total time to the finish.
  • Each player's time contributes to the team's result! Pull off tricks on the course's jumps and and use 'Star Team Coins' for the fastest time!


  • In this event, hold the Wii Remote vertically and tilt it left and right to play.
  • At the start of the event, shake the Wii Remote when the count of "3, 2, 1, GO!" reaches "GO!" to perform a starting dash.
  • Tilt the Wii Remote left or right to turn. The further you tilt it, the sharper the turn!
  • Tilt the Wii Remote forward to gain speed! Turning is still possible, but becomes more difficult.
  • You can slow down by tilting the Wii Remote backwards.
  • After slowing down, you can shake the Wii Remote to perform a nollie and build up speed again.
  • To jump, swing the Wii Remote upwards. Time it well to achieve the greatest distance.
  • Swing the Wii Remote up, down, left, or right to perform tricks.
  • Press the +Control Pad and a command will appear. Move the Wii Remote as indicated to perform an advanced trick!
  • Press B Button to use items.


  • Jump at the last moment when going over a jump platform to get maximum air time. More air means more chances to land tricks!
  • The more tricks you pull off, the greater the speed boost you'll receive upon landing.
  • Trying to pull off tricks up until the moment you touch down again can lad to crash landings, so keep air time in mind when doing tricks.
  • You can jump onto bridge support ropes and other rails to perform a grind. Be careful to keep your balance while grinding!
  • Press A Button to use your special action for a quick speed boost!
  • In this event, special actions can be reused after collecting 5 rings, so collect as many as you can along the way.


  • Collect a Super Star to become invincible and move faster than normal for a set time.
  • Using High Speed Shoes will boost your speed for a set time, letting you go faster.
  • The Barrier shield you from a single attack.
  • The Special Action item allows you to use your special action again.
  • The Warp Hole will warp teamamtes to the location of a character further ahead. Warp Holes only appear during team battles!
  • Collect as many Star Team Coins as there are team members to activate the Super Stars effects for all team members!