Dream Gliding (Team)

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Dream Gliding
DreamGlidingTeam WinterGames.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii)
Type Dream Gliding

Dream Gliding is a Dream Gliding Dream Event that appears in the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to score point by hitting targets with shells, with the event taking place in Sky Gardens.


In this event, the player can set the length of the match to 60, 90 or 120 seconds. In this event, the player's team only faces one opponent, meaning that they can only win a silver or gold medal in the event. In the team version of the event, players start from their own starting points on opposite sides of the area. The player steers their character by tilting the Wii Remote in the desired direction, and can quickly reverse their direction by shaking the Wii Remote. The player can shoot an unlimited supply of Green Shells by pressing Two Button, and can aim and lock on to targets using the crosshair in the centre of the screen, which moves with the character. The player ears 2 points for every red Flapper that they hit, three points for every gold Flapper and 10 points for hitting an opposing character. Characters that are hit will fall down, and respawn from their starting point after a short amount of time. The area also features Rainbow Rings that the player can fly through to receive a speed boost in a certain direction, and Balloons which the player can collect items from. The items can be used by pressing One Button, and have a variety of effects:

  • Red Shell: Homes in on a nearby opposing character. Can be blocked using a Super Star or Barrier.
  • Super Star: Grants the player a speed boost and invincibility for a short amount of time.
  • Lightning: Knocks all of the opposing team down. Can be blocked using a Super Star or Barrier.
  • High Speed Shoes: Grants the player a speed boost for a short amount of time.
  • Shield: Indefinitely protects the player from a single attack.

The team with the highest number of total points at the end of time wins the event.



  • In the Team Dream Gliding event, teams of 4 fly around in hang gliders and try to shoot down robotic Flappers.
  • When you spot a Flapper, fire a Green Shell to take it out of the air!
  • You can also shoot down your rivals with Green Shells--clear out the competition to max out your score!
  • Work together to earn more points than the opposing team!


  • Tilt the Wii Remote towards yourself to ascend.
  • Tilt away from yourself to descend.
  • Tilt left or right to turn in that direction.
  • Shake the Wii Remote to reverse direction. If you pass your opponent, reverse direction to pursue.
  • Press Two Button to throw a Green Shell.
  • Press One Button to use items.


  • Players earn points by shooting down robotic Flappers with Green Shells.
  • Shooting down rival players will also net points.
  • Though more difficult to hit than the Flappers, rival players are worth more points, making it worth your while to try!
  • Balloons hold items inside--fly into them to claim their contents, then use that to max out your score!


  • Red Shells automatically home in on their target and shoot down the character they hit.
  • Collect a Super Star to become invincible and fly faster than normal for a set time.
  • Lightning will strike your opponents and zap them.
  • Using High Speed Shoes will boost your speed for a set time, letting you go faster.
  • The Barrier shields you from a single attack.