Curling Bowling

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Curling Bowling
Curling Bowling.PNG
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Dream Curling
Info Throw stones to thrash Goombas in this curling-bowling hybrid event.
Controls Set position: Touch left/right
Throw: Slide up
Curve: Rub the sides of the stone.

Curling Bowling is a Dream Curling Dream Event in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to score as many points as possible, with the event taking place at the Perfect Bowl.


In this event, the player plays five frames. Each frame has a different layout of Goombas, Bonus Gates and Mushroom panels, with the layouts of each frame randomised for every match. The first frame is always the same, consisting of one x2 Bonus Gate and 10 Goombas, both frames 2 and 4 are technical turns, meaning that the shot involves more precision and is more difficult to achieve a Super Strike on, and 3 and 5 are more standard frames, although the player will get a second throw on throw five is they gain a strike with their first throw. To perform each throw, the player starts by aiming their shot by moving their character to the left or right using the arrows on the Touch Screen. The player can vies to frame again by touching the camera icon, and can touch the OK one once they're ready to make their shot. To throw the stone, the player must initially touch the touch screen to cause the character to start the throw, and then must slide upwards to throw the stone. The faster the player slides upwards, the harder the character will throw the stone and the faster it will travel. To curl their stone, the player must slide forwards and backwards repeatedly in the direction on the Touch Screen they'd like to aim the stone. When the stone reaches the end of the curling sheet, the player should aim to knock over as many of the Goombas as possible. Goombas can be knocked over by the stone itself or by other Goombas being knocked over, but the Goombas must be fully knocked over for the player to score a point for them. Each Goomba is worth one point, though the player can increase their score by sliding the stone through Bonus Gates, which are worth double or triple points depending on the gate. If the player slides the stone through multiple gates, the score multipliers for each gate are combined to multiply the final score. If the player manages to slide their stone through all of the frame's Bonus Gates and knocks over all of the Goombas, they will perform a Super Strike and the points from their next throw will be added onto their previous one as bonus points. As well as Bonus Gates, the course also feature two types of panels, a Mega Mushroom one that increases the size of the stone but makes it harder to control, and a Mini Mushroom one that decreases the size of the stone but makes it easier to curl. The character with the most points from all five throw at the end of five frames wins the event.


Rule Info[edit]

Compete for the best score by knocking down Goombas with stones (1 pt per Goomba). Earn up to 300 pts in 5 throws. Get a strike, and points from the next throw will be added as a bonus.

Basic Controls[edit]

  • Touch left/right to set your throwing position.
  • Touch OK to confirm the position!
  • Tap the Touch Screen to start sliding.
  • Slide upwards to throw. Sliding speed matters!
  • Rub the left or right sides of the Touch
  • Screen after throwing a stone to curl it!

Advanced Tips[edit]

  • Go through all bonus gates in a lane and
  • knock down all Goombas for a Super Strike!


  • Mega Mushroom: Makes the stone bigger for added power!
  • Mini Mushroom: Makes the stone small for easier curling!
  • x2 Bonus Gate: Doubles your score!
  • x3 Bonus Gate: Triples your score!