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First appearance Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (2009)
Greater location Winter Island
Inhabitants Toads, Chao, Penguins, Pola

Polastraits is the third place that Mario and Sonic visit in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for Nintendo DS. Located in a seaside location, it is Pola's home. In this place, Mario can meet the teams Silver the Hedgehog & Blaze the Cat and Wario & Waluigi for the first time, but both duos run away afterwards as a result of their defeat. They are later encountered in Cubyrinth and Icepeak, respectively. Also, Mario and Sonic have to save a Shy Guy and a Chao from falling into the water, as requested by a Penguin. Upon doing so, the Penguin gives them a Blitz Skeleton. There is an unknown area with a large wall of ice that is only accessible when everyone falls down from Cubyrinth after Knuckles pulls a lever. Cuby is held hostage by Eggman Nega here.


Items found[edit]

Minigames found[edit]

  • Break the Ice! - After Knuckles joins the team, they come across a rusty lever in Cubyrinth. Knuckles offers to push it, but upon doing so, the floor beneath them falls and they fall all the way down to Polastraits. Trapped between the ocean and a large wall, Knuckles opts to punch the wall down. After doing so, the team can proceed.
  • Climb to the Top! - After Donkey Kong joins the team, they encounter a tall machine-like pillar in Polastraits. Donkey Kong offers to climb to the top. While doing so, he must avoid bombs and punch out large blocks of ice. After reaching the top, DOnkey Kong punches the machine off and activates the button, which makes a drawbridge extend.

Party members[edit]

Other characters[edit]

News briefs[edit]

  • Rescue the snow spirits to change the Bowser and Eggman flags to Mario and Sonic.
  • Chao Adventure Log 1 - The Chaos came from far away to play in the water on the shores of Winter Island. Drawn to its natural beauty, they decided to live there. To be continued...
  • Shy Guy Adventure Log 2 - The Shy Guy listened to the men's plans, and was amazed by their scale and vision. Wanting to help, he enlisted friends and crossed the sea. To be continued...
  • Polastraits was named for its polar feel and seaside location.
  • There are five ice houses in Polastraits.
  • Chao Adventure Log 2 - Soon after the Chaos began living on the island, two strangers appeared. They said they were headed to an even more beautiful island. To be continued...
  • Knuckles lives on Angel Island, an island that floats in the sky.
  • Mario can power up and transform.
  • Sonic can run amazingly fast, but he can't swim.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Dutch Poolnauw Pole Narrow
French Colkigel from "Col qui gèle", lit. "Freezing Pass"
German Polarstraße Polar Street
Italian Polaria
Spanish Polarandia Polarland