Ultimate Figure Skating

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Ultimate Figure Skating
Ultimate Figure Skating.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Dream Skating
Info Compete in a figure skating event, Mario and Sonic style; perform a routine, pick up Rings, bounce off Springs and defeat Enemies. Skate freely on the ice to find the next jumping/spinning point, then take out the Boss to complete the event. Performances are judged based on Rings (collected), Enemies (defeated) and the skater's overall presentation.
Perform on a frozen lake and earn points for rings and foes defeated.
Controls Skate: Touch and hold
Jump: Slide upwards to match commands
In midair: Use stylus to draw numbers in order
Spin: Trace commands
Spin Attack: Touch, hold
Step: Tap Touch Screen

Ultimate Figure Skating is a Dream Skating Dream Event that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to score as many points as possible for collecting Rings, quality of performance and defeating enemies, with the event taking in the Ice on Lake Arena.


In this event, the player moves the character by touching and holding on the Touch Screen in their desired direction. The player can move freely on the ice, however a suggested route is marked out on the map on the upper screen and is lined with Rings, which the player should aim to collect. In certain areas on the rink, the player will find Springs in star shapes, which indicate jumping area. By moving the character to this area, the player can perform jumps on the Spring by sliding upwards on the Touch Screen to collect rings. After the first jump, the player will be prompted with additional commands that consist of touching a series of numbered points in order before sliding up again to perform a multi-jump. The player can perform a total of three jumps from each Spring to collect all of the Rings. As well as the jump areas, the player will also come across green circular areas containing a Chaos Emerald token where they can perform a spin by sliding in circles on the Touch Screen. The more the player spins, the more time they will have to perform spin attacks on the enemies. After the character spins, a meter will indicate how much time they have to defeat a group of Goombas or Kikis, which is done by moving the character into them. If the player manages to defeat them all but still has time left, a new group will appear in a slightly different formation. The player only has a limited amount of time that they can skate for before commencing the boss fight, which is against either a Giant Goomba or a Flapper. For this section of the event, the player must touch the Touch Screen as the musical notes pass over the icon to perform moves. When shock notes appear, indicated by a star around the note, the player can perform attacks on the boss by touching with the right timing, which will score them more enemy points. After defeating the boss, the player is given individual scores for defeating enemies, collecting Rings and artistic merit, before being given a final total score and their placement in the event.


Title Music Difficulty Boss Rings Enemies Routine Notes
1 2 3 4
Mario & Sonic Download Medley Angel Island Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 3)
Cool, Cool Mountain (Super Mario 64)
- Giant Goomba Kikis Jump Spin Jump Spin Played only during the tutorial and when playing this event in multiplayer through DS Download Play
Mario Medley Ground Theme (Super Mario World)
Underwater Theme (Super Mario Bros.)
Athletic theme (New Super Mario Bros.)
Easy Giant Goomba 109 Goombas Jump Spin Jump Spin -
Sonic Medley Main theme (Sonic Unleashed)
Main theme (Sonic and the Black Knight)
Sonic Heroes (Sonic Heroes)
Normal Flapper 133 Kikis Jump Spin Jump Spin -
Mario & Sonic Medley Athletic theme (Super Mario Bros. 3)
Main theme (Sonic Rush Adventure)
Hard Giant Goomba 138 Goombas and Kikis Spin Jump Jump Spin -


Rule Info[edit]

Collect rings on the ice and do tricks at jump an spin areas. You'll earn points for rings grabbed, enemies beaten, and artistic merit.

Basic Controls[edit]

  • Touch and hold in a direction to go!
  • Grab the rings along the rink as you skate!
  • Slide upward on spring star marks to jump!
  • Follow the numbered commands to multi-jump!
  • The Chaos Emerald circle mark is a spin area!
  • Keep the stylus on the Touch Screen and spin!
  • As time passes, enemies will appear!
  • Touch a direction to go there and deflect foes!
  • The finale's a step-off! Touch in time with ♪s!
  • Touch a shock note (♪) to do a step attack!