Dream Ice Hockey

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Dream Ice Hockey

Dream Ice Hockey is the Dream Event variation of Ice Hockey in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The game's controls are the same as the original Ice Hockey, with a few changes. The game is set in Bowser's Castle from Mario Kart: Super Circuit, and is unlocked by beating Dry Bowser and therefore completing Festival Mode.


Dream Ice Hockey is similar and is a spin-off of Ice Hockey, in which two teams of four battle in a hockey manner and pass the puck around to charge it up, then shoot it into the goal to score. However, there are several changes; mainly, the items, power-ups and special alignments. When the puck is fully charged and is shot by a player, that player does a Special Move. Speed characters fire the puck in a blue wave that bounces around what it hits; the all-around character's make the puck glow and then suddenly make it shoot-out; Power character's send the puck ultimately charged with fire while Skill Character's force the puck into the net. Also, items are a new feature which are picked up in Item Boxes. Also, appearing in spotlights are ? items; these put a special status on the user and its team (such as Thwomps and Star Power). The game can be played in 1-3 periods, each lasting one minute. After all periods, if the score is tied, an Extra Period will commence.

DS version[edit]

Fever Hockey

Dream Ice Hockey also appears in the DS version, referred to as Fever Hockey, and it is not in Bowser's Castle. In this version, it takes place on Skyscraper Rink. Points in this event are in multiples of ten. Controls are similar to Ice Hockey with a few different changes to the rink, score, and with gimmicks. When a team shoots with a MAX combo, they will shoot a power shot aka special shot. Power character shoot the puck very fast into the net. All-around characters shoot, and when the puck is near the goalie it stops for a moment the goes in. Speed character make the puck flash when they shoot, and Skill characters shoot the puck slowly but then it gradually speeds up. The Bonus Gate is the biggest feature of the rink. When someone passes the puck into it, the slot on the scoreboard will reveal an item (either a star which makes a character invincible for a brief time, Speed Boost which speeds up a player, a bomb which explodes after a while or if someone runs into one, or a chaos emerald which hits the opposing team except the goalie with lightning). The items will appear on a poker-chip like object, except the Bombs. The Speed Boost is the only item to appear twice when it is on the rink, one on each side. When the point value changes, the puck also changes color (blue-ten, red-thirty, yellow-fifty). A few other features on the rink are the springs, gates on each side which makes the puck go out on the other gate if the puck enters it. The blue line is eliminated as well and there is a Mario emblem and Sonic emblem on the rink, with all Mario character emblems around the Mario emblem and all Sonic characters around the Sonic emblem.


  • The music in the Wii version uses audio samples recorded from gameplay of GBA Bowser Castle 2 from Mario Kart DS. This resulted in a minor oversight where one can hear engine noises and even the end of the countdown sound from said game at certain points in the music, though this could have very well been a deliberate decision on the sound designers' part.