Dream Ice Hockey

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Dream Ice Hockey
Dream Ice Hockey.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii)

Dream Ice Hockey is a Dream Event that appears in the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to score more goals than the opponent, with the event taking place in Bowser's Castle. To unlock this event, the player must reach the last day of Festival Mode.


In this event, the player has the option to choose the number of periods played for each match from either two or three, as well as choosing the set up of their team before starting the match. At the beginning of each period and after a goal is scored, a throw in happens for the puck, in which a Fishin' Lakitu drops the puck onto the ice and the player must press Two Button as it lands to try and gain control of the puck. If neither team takes control immediately, then the player can press Two Button again to try to gain control. If the player successfully takes control of the puck, they will start playing offensively. The player can move characters using +Control Pad, and controls whichever character is currently in possession of the puck. The player can pas the puck between characters by holding +Control Pad in the desired direction of aim and pressing Two Button. Continually successfully passing the puck charges it up, and allows characters to perform a special shot when they shoot. A fully charged puck can be used by either team when they next shoot, regardless of whether they were the ones to actually charge it. Each character type also has a unique type of special shot which gives the puck a different trajectory as it heads into the goal. All-around type characters shoot the puck in a wavy trajectory, speed type characters fire the puck with a faster shot, skill type characters fire the puck directly into the goal and power type characters send a shot that immediately makes the goalie dizzy. The player can shoot by shaking the Wii Remote down, which automatically aims the puck towards the goal in a faster shot. If the player does not take control of the puck, they will then play defensively, giving them a number of different moves. Defensive characters can use Two Button to steal the puck from nearby characters, and shake the Wii Remote down to perform a body check, which allows them to target characters that are further away more quickly but can leave the character vulnerable afterwards. The player can also press One Button to immediately take control of the character on their team currently closest to the puck. The player also controls the goalie, who will automatically block shots with their body, however the player can press Two Button as the puck goes into the goal to cause them to catch the shot instead. Blocking too many shots with a goalie's body or taking too many body checks will cause a character to become dizzy, initial knocking them over and leaving them unable to move, then causing them to move slower for some time once they get back up. After each goal is scored, the characters return to centre of the rink for a puck toss, and after each period the characters swap ends of the rink. Item Boxes will occasionally appear on the rink which players can collect to obtain items. Each item has a different effect, and is used automatically by the character once it is obtained. Eight different items appear:

  • Green Shell: Turns the puck into a Green Shell which moves faster and performs more powerful shots.
  • Super Star: Makes the player invincible and move faster for a shot amount of time. The character with the Super Star will also knock over ad other characters they hit while under the effect of the power up.
  • POW Block: Makes all of the characters on the other team dizzy.
  • Mega Mushroom: Increases the size of the character that collects the item, increasing their speed and defense.
  • High Speed Shoes: Increases the character's speed for a short amount of time.
  • Power Up: Fully charges the puck, immediately allowing the character to perform a special shot.
  • Bomb: Places a bomb in front of an opponent that will knock them over if hit.
  • Puck Bomb: Turns the puck into a bomb which explodes after a set amount of time and knocks over the character in possession of it.

The course also features a number of obstacles, including Goombas, Thwomps and Piranha Plants in Warp Pipes that periodically appear on the rink and will knock over any players that they hit. The Fishin' Lakitu will also occasionally appear to drop Wild Balls onto the rink, which cause a number of different positive effects for the team that collect it and negative effects for the one that doesn't, including making more Item Boxes appear on the rink, giving the whole team the Super Star's effects, tripling the points for scoring a goal and more Thwomps or Piranha Plants appearing on the rink. The team that scores the most points after the set amount of periods wins the match, though and extra period will be added if the point score is currently tied. The event is played in a tournament style, in which the player will play a first match against a random opponent, and then will play a second match against either the winner of the other qualifying match if they win, or the vent will end if they lose, meaning it is impossible to achieve a third or fourth placement in the event.



  • In Dream Ice Hockey, teams of four players each compete to see who can score the most goals before time runs out.
  • Pass the puck around, and you'll be able to do a powerful special shot! Work together as a team to win!


  • The game begins with a puck toss.
  • After the FACE OFF! signal, the puck will tossed in. Press Two Button just as it hits the ice.
  • To pass, hold the +Control Pad in the direction you'd like to pass and press Two Button.
  • Shake the Wii Remote to shoot. The more energy is stored up in the puck, the harder the shot will be.
  • When on defense, press Two Button to steal the puck from the character who has it.
  • When on defense, shake the Wii Remote to body check! It's a fast move, but it an leave you vulnerable afterwards.
  • When on defense, press One Button to take control of the character nearest to the puck.
  • When blocking a shot, the goalie will move to meet the incoming puck.
  • Press Two Button in time with your opponent's shot to catch the puck.
  • Pucks can also be blocked with the goalie's body, but taking too many shots will make you dizzy, so be careful!


  • Charge a puck to the maximum level, and you'll be able to perform a powerful special shot.
  • Your opponent can steal a charged puck and use it against you, though, so keep a close eye on the other side while passing!
  • Different character types have different special shots, so use the shot best suited to the situation for maximum effectiveness.
  • Block too many shots or take body checks and you'll get dizzy.
  • Dizzy characters' movement is limited, so try to avoid it whenever possible!
  • In Dream Ice Hockey, taking down opponents will cause an item box to appear.
  • Also, item boxes can appear at random on the rink.
  • Lakitu will sometimes drop Wild Balls into the rink as well.
  • When you get a Wild Ball, the opposing team may be attacked or your own team may receive some benefit.
  • If Lakitu throws a Wild Ball, scoop it up before your opponent does!


  • Pick up a Green Shell, and the puck will turn into a Green Shell for a powerful shot.
  • Collect a Super Star to become invincible and move faster for a set time. Bumping into other characters will knock them down.
  • POW Blocks make the entire opposing team dizzy.
  • Collecting a Mega Mushroom will make the character grow in size, increasing both their attack and defense.
  • Using High Speed Shoes will boost your speed for a set time, letting you go faster.
  • Collect a Power Up item to supercharge your puck, enabling you to launch a special shot.
  • Collect a Bomb to set an explosive in front of one member of the opposing team.
  • Grab a Puck Bomb to turn the puck into a time bomb that explodes a short time later.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドリームアイスホッケー
Dorīmu Aisuhokkē
Dream Ice Hockey