Short Track 500m

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Short Track 500m
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Skating
Info Compete in a short track speed skating race with a total of four skaters in one heat to decide the winner. All skaters will simultaneously start on the race on the same oval course without any lanes, so avoid collisions. Note that there is a pink area on the course where the skaters can recover their stamina.
4 competitors on ice skates race around a rink.
Controls Stat: Press and release L & R Buttons
Accelerate: Alternate pressing L & R Buttons
Shift sideways: Hold L/R Button
Curve: Hold L Button
Final sprint: Hold L & R Buttons

Short Track 500m is a Skating Event that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. It is set in the Richmond Olympic Oval. The objective of the event is to be the first to complete the four and a half laps of the rink. The starting Olympic record for this event is 00:41.802.


In this event, the player starts by holding and then releasing L Button and R Button when "Go!" appears onscreen. The longer before "Go!" appears that the player holds the buttons for, the more energy they can charge up and the start that they perform will be faster. If the player starts charging when "2" appears on screen and releases with perfect timing, they will perform a starting dash, which gives them a short boost of speed. To accelerate, the player must repeatedly press L Button and R Button, and to move left and right on the rink, the player must hold the button for the respective direction. Both of these actions use up stamina, which is shown in a heart gauge and depletes as these activities are performed, depleting at a faster rate the more it is done. As well as being able to see their own stamina gauge, the player can also see their opponents' meters too. The gauge gradually fills up over time when the player does not perform either action, but can be filled up faster by travelling through the recovery area before the finishing line. When the player runs out of stamina, they cannot accelerate and will travel at a lower speed. If the player hits an opponent, they will lose speed and receive a small amount of knockback from the opponent, however if the player is completely out of stamina, they will be knocked aside and crash, which causes them to lose all of their speed and them to hit the far side of the rink. To turn corners, the player must hold L Button while repeatedly pressing R Button, which depletes little stamina. Once the player begins the final lap, the player can press and hold L Button and R Button at any point during the lap to receive a burst of speed which uses up all of their remaining stamina, the size of which is dependent on the amount of the player's stamina remaining.


Rule Info[edit]

  • Skate four and a half laps around a 111.12m rink and compete for the best time. If you're out of stamina and contact another racer you'll crash, so watch out!

Basic Controls[edit]

  • Hold the L and R Buttons and release to start!
  • Mash the L Button and R Button to accelerate!
  • Over-accelerating uses up a lot of stamina.
  • Use the L & R Buttons to move left/right.
  • Moving left/right also uses up stamina.
  • Hold down the L Button while mashing the
  • R Button to speed through corners!
  • Regain stamina in the recovery zone.
  • Press and hold the L Button and R Button
  • on the final lap for a burst of speed!

Advanced Tips[edit]

Hold the L and R Buttons on "2" in the starting
count and let go on "GO" for a starting dash!