Christmas Village

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Christmas Village

Christmas Village is a small town that appears as the main location in both the DS and the Wii versions of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. In Christmas Village, the player can use the Star Token which is earned after completing several events of the Festival Mode to buy anything from clothes to books to music in the conforming shop and to decorate with stuff purchased from the Secret Shop such as a Christmas tree. The Secret Shop opens up after Festival mode has been cleared once. Several characters from the game can be seen walking about the city, the player can point the Wii Remote at the character and press A Button to force the selected character to perform a Taunt.


Music Shop[edit]

The Music Shop is where the player can listen or purchase various of the music used in the game. Other music and remix from the Mario/Sonic series are also available in the Shop and can played during events after buying the Music Request in the Secret Shop.

Secret Shop[edit]

The Secret Shop sells special merchandises and is available after completing the Festival Mode. The player can buy 2 lottery cards, a Clothing ticket and a Decal ticket to win random clothes or decals. Also when returning back to the shop after completed several events, the player can purchase a Gold, Platinum and Black Cards which allows them to buy things that weren't previously available in the shop.

Sports Shop[edit]

The Sports Shop is where the player can purchase paint sheets, decals and banners to decorate their gears.

Boutique Shop[edit]

The Boutique Shop sells various of clothes and accessories for the player to purchase and customize their Miis.


In the Library, the player can buy and view the facts and trivias about the Olympic Winter Games.


  • Christmas Village also appears in the Wii event, Dream Snowball Fight as part of the background and setting.