Dream Curling

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Dream Curling
M&SATOWG Dream Curling Mario and Tails screenshot.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Wii)

Dream Curling is a Dream Event that appears in the Wii version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to score more points than the opponents, with the event taking place in Sherbet Land.


In this event, the player can set the number of frames for the event for either four or six. For each frame, the player gets to throw two stones, though gets an additional third stone on the final frame if they manage to get a spare or strike within their first two throws. On each turn, the player starts by setting the direction of the throw by either pointing the Wii Remote at the screen or pressing left and right on +Control Pad. Once the player is happy with the direction, they can press A Button and then move on to throwing the stone. The player can practice the strength of their throw by swinging the Wii Remote, and then can press A Button and swing the Wii Remote to make their actual throw. As the character slides along the ice with the stone, the player can also tilt the Wii Remote left or right to add spin to the stone and give it further direction. Once the stone has been released, the player can shake the Wii Remote up and down to sweep, allowing the speed of the stone to be increased further if the player wishes to do so. The stone will then move on towards the set-up at the ned of the course. One point is scored for every pin that is knocked over and five points can be earned for hitting the Goomba. The stone can also bounce off the walls set up around the frame, collect the Item Box to receive an item. each frame has a different set layout:

  1. Standard 10-pin bowling set up with a Goomba and Item Box directly in front of the front pin, trapezium-shaped walls on the left and right and two square walls with a gap in between behind the pins.
  2. Standard 10-pin bowling set up with an extra row of five at the back, a Goomba behind the pins, and Item Box in front, trapezium-shaped walls on the left and right and two slightly angles square walls at the back.
  3. Standard 10-pin bowling set up with angled rectangular walls to the left and right behind the pins, a Goomba behind and an Item Box in front.
  4. Six pins in a triangle, then two pins behind those out to the side, and another five in a trapezium directly behind that. Goomba at the front, Item Box at the back, trapezium shaped walls on the left and right and a moving circular wall at the back.
  5. Fifteen pins set up in a triangular shape with roughly a diamond removed in the middle, two angled square walls at the back, and a par of moving circular walls, an Item Box and a Goomba in front.
  6. A 21-pin triangle with the middle pin on the fifth row removed and replaced with a Goomba, two angled hexagonal walls at the back, one moving circular wall in front with the Item Box directly behind it.

If the stone is thrown hard enough at the right angle, it will fall into the area at the back of the course. If the stone does not fall into the hole on the first throw, then on the second throw for the hole the player can potentially rebound other stones off it or use it to hit more pins. For the second throw of each frame, all of the pins knocked down on the first throw will be removed, as well as the Goomba if it was hit, but the Item Box will respawn if it was collected on the first throw. When an Item Box is collected, the player can choose whether to use the item on the next throw. If they opt to not use it immediately, they will be able to use the item on future throws, but will not be able to collect another one from the box in the meantime. The player can receive four different items from the boxes, which each have a different effect:

  • Red Shell: Causes the stone to home in on the pins until it comes to a standstill.
  • Mega Mushroom: Makes the stone larger to hit more pins.
  • High Speed Shoes: Increases the speed at which the stone is thrown.
  • Bomb: Turns the stone into a bomb which explodes shortly after coming into contact with an object.

For each throw, the player will earn the number of points for pins knocked down and whether they hit the Goomba. However, if the player knocks down all of the pins in two throws, they will get a spare, which will double the number of points earned for their next throw. If they knock down all of the pins with one throw, they will score a strike and earn double the points for their throw on the next frame. Scoring two strikes in a row is a double, and three strikes in a row is a turkey. Goombas are not included in the pins to be knocked down for a strike or a spare, though the player will receive double the points for hitting a Goomba after scoring the spare or strike. The team with the most points after all of the ends wins.



  • In Dream Curling, players throw stones across the ice at a set of pins and compete to see how many they can knock down.
  • Player teams take two throws each and try for the highest team score.
  • Knock down all the pins on the first throw for a strike, or on the second throw for a spare.
  • Goombas are bonuses. You can still get strikes or spares without hitting Goombas.
  • When you get a spare, the number of points you get on your next throw will be added as a bonus.
  • When you get a strike, the number of points you get on your next two throws will be added as a bonus.
  • Points for Goombas are added to the bonuses for strikes and spares.
  • Right after a strike or spare, it's your chance for major points. Try for as many as possible!


  • The Skip decides which direction the stone should be thrown.
  • As the Skip, point at the screen to move the arrow mark in the direction you'd like the stone to be thrown.
  • On the thrower's turn, you can swing the Wii Remote as if bowling without pressing any buttons to take a practice swing.
  • Once you're ready, hold A Button to take up the throwing position.
  • Now swing the Wii Remote in a bowling gesture once again to swing and release the stone.
  • Twist the Wii Remote left and right while the character is sliding along with the stone to determine how much spin to add to the throw.
  • The stone will curve based on how much the Wii Remote was twisted at the point it crosses the red line.
  • Shake the Wii Remote to sweep once the stone has been thrown. The faster you shake, the harder the character will sweep.
  • Sweep as hard as you can by shaking the Wii Remote vigorously when you want to make the stone travel further.
  • Stop shaking the Wii Remote when you want the stone to slow down.


  • The stone from the team's first throw remains in play during a team's second throw provided it stops before falling into the pit at the lane's end.
  • Pins left standing in a split can be cleaned up easily with careful use of the first throw's stone.
  • Hit item boxes with the stone to collect the items inside!
  • If you have an item, each time you throw a stone you can choose whether to use the item.
  • If you select "No,"[sic] you can keep the item and use it on your next throw.
  • But if you keep the item and hit another item box, you won't receive the new item.
  • Keep that in mind, and figure the best time to use you items effectively.
  • Obstacles and the number of pins may change depending on the frame.
  • If finding the right curve is too tricky, try applying spin or bouncing the stone off of the walls for a bank shot.


  • Use a Red Shell to transform your stone into a Red Shell that homes in on pins automatically.
  • Using a Mega Mushroom will make your character and stone grow in size, making it easier to knock down more pins.
  • Using High Speed Shoes will double the speed at which you throw your stone.
  • Use a Bomb to turn your stone into an explosive that affects a wide area.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドリームカーリング
Dorīmu Kāringu
Dream Curling