Speed Skating 500m (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games for Nintendo DS)

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Speed Skating 500m
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Skating
Info Compete in a skating race around the oval course for the fastest time. Aim for the perfect starting dash an sprint all the way to the finish line. Skaters will race in pairs in their designated lane and will be timed to a hundredth of a second to determine the winner.
Skate 1-on-1 for the fastest time. 2 starting positions.
Controls Start: Press and release L & R Buttons
Accelerate: Alternate pressing L & R Buttons
Curve: Mash R Button while holding L Button
Final Sprint: Hold L & R Buttons

Speed Skating 500m is a Skating Event in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. It is set in the Richmond Olympic Oval. The objective of the event is to skate around the rink in the fastest time. The starting Olympic record for this event is 00.34.420.


In this event, the player directly races against one other opponent, but also competes with another two using their times during the race. To start the event, the player must simultaneously press L Button and R Button when "Go!" appears on screen, but can hold them during the countdown to build up energy and perform a faster start. Beginning to charge when "2" is on screen and releasing with perfect timing allows the player to perform a starting dash, which gives them a large speed boost when starting. Once the race has started, the player must repeatedly press L Button and R Button to accelerate and maintain their speed, with a faster speed achieved by faster pressing. To carve the corners, the player must hold down L Button while only pressing R Button. If an exclamation mark appears after turning the corner, the player can release L Button to perform a curve dash, which grants the player a short boost of speed. Once on the final straight, the player can press L Button and R Button simultaneously to receive a longer boost of speed to cross the finish line. Once the race is over, the player is given their overall position in the event.

Staff Ghost Data[edit]

Name Country Character Time Emblem
G ★ JPN Peach 00:35.561 MSWGemblem71.png
G ★★ CAN Shadow 00:31.805 MSWGemblem83.png
G ★★★ BEL Silver 00:29.024 MSWGemblem87.png


Rule Info[edit]

Skate around a 400m rink and compete for the best time. Get a record under 55.000 sec. to save your ghost data!

Basic Controls[edit]

  • Hold the L and R Buttons and release to start!
  • Mash the L Button and R Button to accelerate!
  • Hold down the L Button while mashing the
  • R Button to speed through corners!
  • Press the L Button and R Button on
  • the final straightaway for a burst of speed!

Advanced Tips[edit]

Hold the L and R Buttons on "2" in the starting
count and let go on "GO" for a starting dash!
If "!" appears after a curve,
release the L Button for a curve dash!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スピードスケート 500m
Supīdo Sukēto 500m
Speed Skating 500m