Stop the Robo-Balls!

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Stop the Robo-Balls!

Stop the Robo-Balls! is a minigame played in Cubyrinth in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The player plays as Silver.


The player must stop five robo-balls by tapping them on the touch screen within twenty seconds. Each time a robo-ball is frozen, the other ones will move faster. After a certain amount of time being frozen, the robo-balls will start to move again. Each robo-ball has its own way of moving around. The blue robo-ball teleports, the red one moves in a zig-zag motion, the small orange ball moves in random directions, the small green ball quickly zips in a straight line, and the large green ball moves slowly.


Use psychic powers to stop all 5 Robo-Balls. They get faster with every ball you stop!