Snow Machine Fight

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Snow Machine Fight
Snow Machine Fight.PNG
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Dream Snow Machine
Info Board Snow Machines and try to defeat the most rivals with snowballs.
Controls Forward: +Control Pad ↑
Back: +Control Pad ↓
Steer: +Control Pad ←/→
Shoot: A (or B) Button
Charge Shot: Hold A (or B) Button
Reload: X (or Y) Button

Snow Machine Fight is a Dream Snow Machine Dream Event that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. The objective of the event is to earn as many badges as possible by defeating opponents, with the event taking place in Block Ruins.


In this event, the player aims to obtain as many badges as possible by defeating opponents. The player can steer their snow machine using +Control Pad, and can move forward, reverse and turn in both directions. To fire snowballs, the player must press A Button, and can fire ten before running out of snow and the machine automatically reloading. The player can manually reload the machine by pressing X Button while they still have snowballs remaining to refill to the maximum of ten. Snowballs can be fired over low walls and do a small amount of damage to opponents when hit. The player can also shoot larger snowballs that deal more damage by pressing and holding A Button. The longer the player holds A Button for, the more damage the snowball will do to the opponent, and when the snowball is fully charged, a cursor will appear to help the player aim the snowball. If another character is aiming their large snowball at the player, an arrow pointing in their direction will appear over their head. The machine does not need to be full before using a large snowball, but after firing one, the machine will reload automatically regardless of whether the snowball was fully charged or not. To earn badges, the player must defeat an opponent by fully depleting their health. An opponent's health is only visible for a short amount of time after they have been hit by a snowball, though the player's own meter is shown on their screen at all times. The arena features various obstacles, including Ice Blocks, which can be destroyed by hitting them with two small snowballs, or several can be destroyed with a single large snowball. There are also Bob-ombs, which will explode a short amount of time after being hit by a snowball, and will deal damage to characters caught in the explosion. The event also has two items, the Lucky Feather, which earns the player two badges when they defeat an opponent, and the Heart, which restores 50% of the player's total health. The character with the most badges at the end of the event wins.


Rule Info[edit]

Four players go head to head to see who can earn the most badges by taking down opponents.

Basic Controls[edit]

  • Use +Control Pad left and right to steer.
  • Use +Control Pad up/down to move forward/back.
  • Press the A Button to fire a snowball!
  • Press the X Button to reload snowballs.

Advanced Tips[edit]

  • Hold the A Button to fire a large snowball.
  • Hold the A Button longer for more damage.


  • Heart: Restores your health by 50%.
  • Ice Block: You can break these ice blocks with snowballs.
  • Lucky Feather: Gives 2 badges when you defeat an opponent.
  • Bob-omb: Explodes and causes damage if hit.