Vertical dash panel

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A vertical dash panel in GCN Waluigi Stadium

A vertical dash panel[1] (also called a halfpipe-style boost ramp[2], half-pipe boost pad[3] or half-pipe[4]) is a type of Dash Panel ramp that only appears in Mario Kart Wii. The Dash Panels are cyan, blue and purple with scrolling white arrows on them and stripes across them, and closely resemble a Glide Ramp. These ramps allow players to jump off of the side of a course and perform a Trick to gain a speed boost upon landing. Unlike regular Dash Panels, players must perform a jump, though not necessarily a trick, to receive the speed boost rather than simply touching it. The speed boost happens when the player lands the jump, but does not have to land it on the panel to receive the boost. The ramps appear in both nitro courses, such as Dry Dry Ruins and DK Summit, and are also included in some updated retro courses, like GCN Waluigi Stadium and GCN DK Mountain. These ramps are also included in the battle stages Funky Stadium and Chain Chomp Wheel.

In later Mario Kart games, the vertical dash panels were removed from returning Wii courses.


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