Beach Volleyball Plus

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Beach Volleyball Plus
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Nintendo 3DS)
Info Spike the ball to light up panels!
Light up a row for a bingo bonus!
Hit the ball onto the court to light up the panels there. Light up a row of panel to score a bingo and get a ton of point at once.
Controls Serve/Attack: A Button Press
Receive/Block: A Button Press
Super Attack: X Button Press

Beach Volleyball Plus is a Plus Event that appears in the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The objective of the event is to score 21 points to win a set before the opponent and be the first to win the required number of sets. The playable characters in this event are Mario, Donkey Kong, Roy, Sonic, Tails, Cream, and Mii, with Roy being unlocked by beating him in the event on the second day of Mario's story in the Road to Rio mode. A Toad appears as a referee in this event.


In this event, the player chooses one character to play as and is paired up with another randomly selected character that they do not control. To start the event, the player must serve the ball by pressing the A Button twice, once to toss the ball and twice to serve it. The player can also use the Control Pad or Circle Pad to aim the ball slightly when serving it. After the player's initial serve, the serve goes to the team that won the last point. Once the ball has been returned to the player, they must move their character to the circle on the ground indicating where the ball will land by using either the Control Pad or the Circle Pad, and press A to receive the ball. After it has been tossed between the team twice, the ball can be returned to the other side using the A Button and aimed using the Control or Circle Pad. The timing of each A Button press affects the speed of the ball that is returned, with better timed presses returning faster balls that are harder to return, as well as filing the SP gauge faster. Over time, the SP gauge fills and once it is full, the player can use the X Button to perform a Super Attack, which returns a much faster ball that is hard to return. If the ball is not returned and lands on the floor, the other team will score a point. Each side of the court is set up as a bingo grid, with the middle square filled as a one star free square, and when the ball lands in a square it will light up with a number of stars from one to four, which when three of these squares are lined up in a row, will score the player a bingo. If an already lit up square is hit again, the number of points on the square will change. If the player manages to score a bingo, they will receive one point for scoring, three points for getting a bingo and a panel bonus equal to the number of stars on the panels used to score the bingo. After a team scores a bingo, all of the panels apart from the free central square are reset regardless of whether all of the points on them had been scored or not. Each set requires 21 points to win, with the first team to win the required number of sets winning the match overall.

In this event, the player can choose between playing one and three sets to win the match.


  • If you get a bingo with a bonus panel that has many stars, your score will go up as a bonus.
  • If you miss when receiving, the ball will behave unpredictably. Master the timing to get the ball to your team.
  • Tossing or receiving the ball with good timing fills up the SP Gauge more quickly.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エクストラ ビーチバレー
Ekusutora Bīchibarē
Extra Beach Volleyball