Football (Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games for Nintendo 3DS)

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Football MarioSonicRioOlympicGames3DS.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Nintendo 3DS)
Info Center the ball with a pass and score!
Press the R Button for a burst of speed!
Compete to get the most points by dribbling and passing the ball past the defense and scoring goals.
Controls Shoot/Tackle: A Button Press
Pass: B Button Press
Long Pass: Y Button Press
Super Shot: X Button Press
Dash: R Button Press

Football is an Event that appears in the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The objective of the event is to score the most goals within the time limit. The playable characters in this event are Mario, Yoshi, Daisy, Sonic, Shadow, Jet and Mii, with Jet being unlocked by beating him in Football Plus on the seventh day of Sonic's story in the Road to Rio mode. Alongside the selected character, the player will also have a team of five other characters, depending on their selected character, as well as a goalie, with Pom Pom being the goalie for the first team and an Egg Pawn as the goalie for the second team. The additional team members are Toads for Mario, Yoshis for Yoshi, Birdos for Daisy, Chao for Sonic, a variety of Egg Pawn for Shadow, regular Egg Pawns for Jet and either Toads or Chao for Mii, depending on the team members of the opposing team.

In the Road to Rio mode, Football appears as the event on day 7 of Sonic's story.


In this event, the player plays a single match against one opponent, and is shown to have already beaten another opponent, allowing the player to only place first or second in the event. The event starts with the player receiving the ball in the first half, with the opposing team initially receiving it in the second half. The player can move their character around the pitch using either Circle Pad or +Control Pad and can travel at a faster speed when they receive the ball by holding R Button while moving in a specific direction. The character the player controls is decided by the game based on which team member is closest to the ball. To intercept the ball from the opposition, the player must move a character towards the character who has the ball or can tackle them by pressing A Button when ear to the character, but risks performing a foul. Doing so will award the other team a free kick, which allows one of the team to take a shot at the goal. The player can pass by pressing B Button or Y Button when prompted to pass the ball to a nearby teammate, however doing so when not prompted will cause the character to simply kick the ball in the direction they are facing. To shoot, the player must press A Button when facing the goal without it being saved by the goalie. The goalie attempts to save the goal automatically, however is the ball is caught the player can then take control of the goalie and throw the ball towards a player of their choice using Circle Pad or +Control Pad and throwing it with B Button. If the ball is kicked out of bounds at any point, the team whose player did not send the ball off the pitch will receive either a goal kick or a throw in, both of which allow them to pass the ball to a teammate of their choice, similar to how the goalie's throws work. Over time, the player fills an SP gauge, which, once full, allows them to perform a Super Shot by pressing X Button. Each characters Super Shot has a unique animation, however all of which have the same effect, which is sending a powerful shot towards the goal from wherever the player is situated at the time on the pitch, which will stun any characters who get bit by it briefly. Only the selected character can perform a Super Shot, but the gauge can be charged by the whole team. In each match, the player will play for two halves, and depending on the score at the end of these two halves, may receive up to two extra, followed by a series of penalty shoot-outs to decide the final winner of the match. If both teams tie at the penalty shoot-out, the game goes to Sudden Death where the team that does not score loses against the team who scores.

In this event the player can select the number of minutes that each half lasts for, with the options of 2, 4, 6 or 10 minutes each.


  • You'll slow down if you turn while performing a Dash Dribble, to try to dribble as straight as possible.
  • Use a Super Shot to leave the goal wide open for you to score.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サッカー