110m Hurdles Plus

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110m Hurdles Plus
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (Nintendo 3DS)
Info Use a big jump for high hurdles!
Use a small jump for low hurdles!
The hurdles on the course move up and down. Compete for the fastest time by jumping at the right height for each hurdle.
Controls Start: B Button Hold & release
Speed Up: A Button Tap fast
High Jump: Y Button Press
Low Jump: B Button Press
Super Dash: X Button Press

110m Hurdles Plus is a Plus Event that appears in the Nintendo 3DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The objective of the event is to run the track while jumping over all of the hurdles in the fastest time. The playable characters in this event are Mario, Luigi, Diddy Kong, Sonic, Dr. Eggman, Silver, and Mii, with Diddy Kong being unlocked by beating him in the event on the first day of Mario's story in the Road to Rio mode. Toads appear as referees in this event.


To start this event, the player must press and hold B Button to charge up power, with the longer that the player holds the button for corresponding to their starting speed. To start the event, the player must release B Button after the word "Go!" has appeared onscreen, with releasing any time before that simply reducing the player's charging time. If the player releases it immediately after "Go!" appears, they will perform a Rocket Start, which gives them a much greater starting speed. Once the event has started, the player must repeatedly press A Button to speed up, with the speed with which they press it affecting the character's speed. The player will also have to jump over hurdles with Dr. Eggman's logo that randomly change height, operated by an Egg Pawn. The hurdles will randomly set to either a high or low height shortly before the player has to jump over them, and the player must press either B Button or R Button to jump over the shorter hurdles and Y Button or L Button to jump over the higher ones. The player must press the correct button at the right time to clear a hurdle, which is indicated by a jump area shown on the floor before the hurdles. The red area indicates the ideal area to jump and gives the player a "Perfect" rating and the maximum speed boost, the orange area gives a "Great" rating with a small speed boost, and the yellow area will give a "Good" rating and keep the player's speed before jumping the hurdle. Pressing the button at any other time will give the player a miss and cause them to lose speed. The jump area disappears after the player successfully clears a hurdle. If the player jumps high for a low hurdle, they will still clear it but lose speed, whereas if they press the correct button for either hurdle with poor timing, fail to press it at all, or jump low for a high hurdle, the player will suffer a great speed loss. The player can also perform a Super Dash by pressing X Button at one point in the event, which allows them to move with a unique effect at a high speed for a short period of time and raise their speed to the maximum, as well as go through hurdles without losing speed. The player can also press B Button just as they cross the finish line to lean forward and finish slightly faster.


  • Press the B Button near the finish line to lean forward and shave a split second off your time.
  • You can also perform jumps using the R Button instead of the B Button, or the L Button instead of the Y Button.
  • Once you perform a jump well, the jump area will disappear next time, so remember its position.
  • Lean forward while performing a Super Dash to get an even faster time.
  • If you use the Y Button to perform high jumps over low hurdles, your time will be slower overall.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エクストラ 110mハードル
Ekusutora 110m Hādoru
Extra 110m Hurdles