Shroom Slide

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Shroom Slide

Shroom Slide is a Gaddget found in Mario Party Advance.


This Gaddget is obtained by proving the knowledge of his gang's secret password, "Baboom", to Bob-omb in the Find the Password quest. It can be found out by buying a Bob-omb figure from Paratroopa's item shop.

In this Gaddget, colored Mushrooms slide along a board of randomly connected tracks. The number of competing Mushrooms (2 to 8) and the number of winning landing places can be set up.

After all Mushrooms have reached the goal, the game resets itself.


  • +Control Pad – Set up game
  • A Button – Start game
  • B Button – Skip

In-game instructions[edit]

  • "Set the number of players and winning slots, then guess which ones will win!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French ZigZag-Champ Shroom Zigzag
Italian Fungoscia Mushroomtrail