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The Duel Tower is a place in Mario Party Advance. It is located in the Seaside Area of Shroom City. It is a giant stone tower with a set of spiral stairs leading up to the top. The base is partially covered with vines. The tower is composed of three floors, including both the ground floor and the top floor. The sky stays dark in the background, with a thunderstorm as well. The tower serves as a training area for duellists, with Whomp, Salvo, and Mouser acting as challengers, although after Whomp leaves to hang out with Thwomp, Chain Chomp takes his place. When the player enters the tower, they are greeted by Mouser, who only lets them enter if they say the "duelist greeting", which is "Chaaaarge!". Relaying the greeting to Mouser starts Duel Tower, 1F. The quest pits the player against Whomp in a Duel minigame, Stair Scare, and beating him lets the player advance up the tower. On the second floor, Mouser congratulates the player for succeeding before starting Duel Tower, 2F. This quest involves beating Salvo in another Duel minigame, Volleybomb, and defeating Salvo lets the player advance to the third and final floor. At the top, Mouser himself challenges the player. which starts Duel Tower, 3F. If the player beats the final Duel minigame, Chicken!, Mouser congratulates them on their efforts, claiming that the climb of the tower has sufficiently trained them in all necessary aspects, letting them master "skill, strength, and mind." He then urges the player to challenge Bowser before he takes over the world.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Tour Duel Duel Tower
Italian Torre Duello Duel Tower