Breeze Buddy

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“Breeze Buddy is a very cool Gaddget! You can stay cool with it!”
Bowser, Mario Party Advance
Breeze Buddy

Breeze Buddy is a Gaddget found in the game Mario Party Advance. As Breeze Buddy's name suggests, it "blows" breezy air to the player when used.

To obtain this Gaddget, the player has to complete the Chillin' Villain quest. This consists of going to Mt. Frostbite and partaking in a microgame involving telling Bowser some jokes to unfreeze him. The player then must beat the Crushed Ice minigame to finally be rewarded with the Breeze Buddy Gaddget.


  • A Button – Activate fan/change speed/stop fan


  • "Ahhh... Turn your GBA into a nice, cool fan! You feel cooler just looking at it!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Ventilo Fan
Italian Dolcebrezza Gentlebreeze