Love Me Not

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Love Me Not

Love Me Not is a Gaddget in Mario Party Advance that can be obtained by completing the quest Hearts A-Flutter, which also relates to love in some way. Love Me Not can be used to play a petal plucking minigame where players must pick petals from a flower to find out whether their loved one loves them back. Each petal can be plucked by pressing the A button, although on occasion a petal will require two presses to pluck. When all the petals have been plucked, a result will be displayed stating whether the supposed person loves the player or not.


  • A Button – Pluck petal


  • "Pluck the petals and find your future! "She loves me... She loves me not!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はなうらない[1]
Hana uranai
Flower divination

French A La Folie
At Folly
Italian Mamanonmama


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