Kamek Krew

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Kamek Krew
MPA Kamek Krew Screenshot.png
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
Leader Toady
Member species
“Toadies in effect, y'all! Big ups! We the Kamek Krew. Wassup wit'choo?!”
Toady, Mario Party Advance

The Kamek Krew are a rap group made up of five Toadies who live on the Mushroom Condo's second floor. They also use instruments such as guitars and keyboards in their act, since the instruments can be seen in their room. During the quest Kamek Krew Live!, the leader, himself named Toady, tells the player that the group is in need of a venue, but they have yet to find a suitable stage. Toady points them in the direction of the desert area due to the location's "stadium" (which refers to the Mushroom Stadium) and sends him off. Once the player returns with a secured venue (which the Kamek Krew can play at for free due to the Stadium's owner, Bullet Bill, being a huge fan of theirs), the Krew is excited for the chance to play, and rewards the player with the Bull's-eye Gaddget. The ending credits reveal that their gig at the Stadium was a huge success.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴカメック
Pun on「コカメック」(Kokamekku, Toady) and「五」(go, five)
French Kollektif Kamek Pun on "collectif" (collective)
Italian Magikoopa di Kamek Kamek's Magikoopa (Magikoopa is the Italian name of the Toady species)