Town Game Room B

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Town Game Room B
Town Game Room B in Mario Party Advance
The Town Game Room B from Mario Party Advance.
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
Greater location Town area, Shroom City
Inhabitants Amp
Town Game Room B

The Town Game Room B is a place in Mario Party Advance. It is a gambling hall located in the town area of Shroom City, neighbouring Town Game Room A. It features a series of slot machines with blue sides and green borders lined across a yellow-and-green checkered wallpaper. Every slot machine has an accompanying red stool, and potted plants are occasionally interspersed between the slot machines. One of the minigames featured in the game room is Match 'Em, and one of the game room's frequent visitors, Amp, has not won the game a single time despite repeatedly playing it. The player finds Amp at Town Game Room B after losing the game again, and attempting to win the game for him starts the quest Losing Streak. For the quest, the player must play Match 'Em at the game room and win at least one Coin; once they win, Amp promptly goes back to gambling in the hall, and the player gets to keep the minigame.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タウンギャンブルじょうB[1]
Taun Gyanburu-jō B
Town Gambling Place B
French Casino Champi B Shroom Casino B
Italian Sala Giochi B Game Room B


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