Dino of Mystery!

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Mario Party Advance quest
Dino of Mystery!
Dino of Mystery! in Mario Party Advance
Dino of Mystery! in Mario Party Advance
Dorrie's request
Type Adventure
Location Loch Dorrie
Client Dorrie
Reward Soil Sonar
Description "Dorrie is lonely and wants a friend."
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Dino of Mystery! is a quest in Mario Party Advance that is started by Dorrie. It can only be completed with Yoshi. It is initiated at Loch Dorrie, when Dorrie emerges out of the water. If another character enters the loch, Dorrie talks about how lonely he is, asking for a friend who "knows what it's like being a dinosaur," strongly suggesting that Yoshi needs to visit him. Once Yoshi arrives, Dorrie almost immediately asks Yoshi to be his friend; if Yoshi declines, Dorrie becomes disappointed, mentioning a Gaddget if they became friends, and if Yoshi accepts, the quest properly starts. After the quest is initiated, Dorrie is ecstatic about having a friend for the first time, and gives Yoshi the Soil Sonar Gaddget as a reward, ending the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナゾのきょうりゅう[1]
Nazo no kyōryū
Dinosaur of mystery
French Le mystère dino The dino mystery
Italian Misterosauro! Mysteriosaurus!


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