Winners Keepers

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Mario Party Advance quest
Winners Keepers
Winners Keepers in Mario Party Advance
Winners Keepers in Mario Party Advance
Monty Mole's request
Type Gambling
Location Town Game Room A, Town area
Client Monty Mole
Reward Scratch 'Em
Description "Monty Mole is in a slump and asks the player to win the Scratch 'Em minigame once."
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Winners Keepers is a quest in Mario Party Advance that is initiated by Monty Mole at Town Game Room A. He asks the player for help when they enter the game room. If they agree to help, the quest promptly begins, though they also have the option of declining, causing Monty Mole to burst into tears and say that he is finished. Once the quest begins, Monty Mole explains that he has recently been stuck in a rut and has yet to win a single game. He hopes that if the player wins a game, he can then start winning games. He also lets the player keep the minigame they play, Scratch 'Em (which involves randomly scratching cards and hoping that the symbols under them match). If the player loses all of their coins, and does not provide a Mushroom to retry the minigame, Monty Mole glumly tells the player that they've failed, which forces them to restart the quest from the beginning. Once the player wins one more coin than their starting amount of thirty coins, Monty Mole is ecstatic that they won, exclaiming that they may be better than the Game Mage (which foreshadows the Game Mage quest), concluding the quest.

The quest's name is a pun on the adage "finders, keepers", which refers to the first person to find something being able to keep it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ギャンブルにかちたい[1]
Gyanburu ni kachitai
I want to win at gambling

French Manque de veine
Lack of luck
Italian Tantatalpa al verde
Broke Monty Mole


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