Loch Dorrie

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Loch Dorrie in Mario Party Advance
Loch Dorrie

Loch Dorrie is a location in Mario Party Advance. It is found in the Jungle Area of Shroom City. It is a swamp filled with tall trees and tangled green plants, which (alongside its name) spoofs the real-life Loch Ness, located in Scotland. There are several land masses that surround a small body of water at the center, which is where Dorrie lives. Dorrie usually resides underwater, only emerging if someone appears nearby. He is incredibly lonely, and his search for another dinosaur like him (as well as Mr. E's search for a "monster" in the lake) prompts Dino of Mystery!, requiring Yoshi to visit Dorrie. If Yoshi agrees to be Dorrie's friend, Dorrie excitedly gives him the Soil Sonar and bids him farewell.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Loch Dorrie -
Italian Lago Dorrie Dorrie Lake