Mushroom Pool

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Pool MPA.png
Mushroom Pool in Mario Party Advance
The Mushroom Pool from Mario Party Advance

The Mushroom Pool is a place in Mario Party Advance located in the Seaside Area of Shroom City. It is a standard pool intended for training athletes that is divided into four lanes, each with a starting platform. It is currently in use by Cheep Cheep and his trainer, Coach, who are practicing for the next swim meet. However, as Cheep Cheep lacks confidence, he is swimming around the pool halfheartedly. Coach asks the player to help boost his morale, and accepting starts the Swimmin' Wimp quest. This involves racing Cheep Cheep from one end of the pool to the other while letting Cheep Cheep win, and accomplishing this earns the player the Desktop Golf Gaddget.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Piscine Champi Shroom Pool
Italian Piscina Fungo Mushroom Pool