Shroomlock House

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Shroomlock House
Shroomlock House in Mario Party Advance
The Shroomlock House in Mario Party Advance.
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)
Greater location Town area, Shroom City
Owner Shroomlock, Mrs. Shroomlock
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Shroomlock House is a location in Mario Party Advance. It is located in the town area of Shroom City. The visited area seems to be the kitchen and dining area, with the background being a strong yellow accented by blue furniture and a purple tablecloth on the table. As no quests bring the player here, it is entirely optional to visit it. Regardless, if the player stops here, they meet Mrs. Shroomlock, the wife of detective Shroomlock. She makes small talk with the player, which includes providing clues on various quests.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Maison Girholmes
Shroomlock House
Italian Casa Fungo 00
Shroomlock House