Jungle Jive

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The title card for Jungle Jive
Luigi dancing with Hulu

Jungle Jive is a quest in Mario Party Advance that is initiated at the Dance Stage. It starts after Hulu, a dance instructor who is teaching some Spear Guys how to dance, asks the player if they want to dance as well. They can accept the offer, which promptly starts the quest, or they can decline, which leaves Hulu disappointed. Once the quest starts, Hulu asks the player to follow her lead as they dance, which involves her shouting a button that the player must quickly input. Pressing A Button makes the player dance left, pressing B Button makes the player dance right, and pressing +Control Pad makes the player jump and spin into the air. If the player misses too many of Hulu's commands, she applauds them for their effort but not their skill, encouraging them to redo the quest; if the player follows Hulu's commands accurately, she congratulates their dancing ability, rewarding them with the Mini Bowling Gaddget. The quest is concluded once Hulu invites them back to the Dance Stage at any time.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Le cours de dance The dance class
Italian Ritmo tribale Tribal rythm