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Mario Party Advance quest
Monkeynapping!? in Mario Party Advance
Monkeynapping!? in Mario Party Advance
Akiki panicking
Type Mystery
Location Ukiki House, Jungle area
Client Akiki
Reward Mini Maze
Description "Akiki is panicking because she believes that her uncle, Ukiki, has been kidnapped."
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Monkeynapping!? is a quest in Mario Party Advance that begins at the Ukiki House. It starts after the player visits Akiki in the middle of panicking, who asks the player for help once she notices them. The player can either back away slowly, which causes Akiki to become annoyed by the player's departure, or they can listen to what Akiki has to say, which starts the quest. Once the quest begins, Shroomlock climbs down from a nearby vine after he hears Akiki's screams and asks her about her problem. Akiki goes on to explain that she went to visit her uncle, Ukiki, at his house, but she only found a letter on the ground that reads, "We have your uncle!" at the top, which Akiki and Shroomlock take as a sign that Ukiki has been kidnapped. The letter also has a seemingly nonsensical sentence afterwards that reads, "bIg teAM cAT leaTHEr fLAKE?! blarmpot"; Shroomlock tells the player that the second sentence is a clue towards finding Ukiki's location and tasks them with find him. If the player revisits the Ukiki House, Shroomlock shows them the letter again. The capital letters of the sentence spell out, "I AM AT THE LAKE", and the only lake in the area is Loch Dorrie. When the player visits the loch, Ukiki immediately jumps out from behind a tree, believing that the player was Akiki. After Ukiki asks the player explains the situation to him, Ukiki explains that he only wanted to play a prank on Akiki, and that he was perfectly fine. As a way of apologizing to the player, he gives them the Mini Maze Gaddget, and leaves to explain what had happened to Akiki, ending the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゆうかいされた?おサルさん[1]
Yūkai sareta? Osaru-san
Have you been kidnapped, Ukiki?
French L'enlèvement simien The simian kidnapping
Italian Ratto scimmiesco Simian kidnap


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