Sushi Cliff

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SushiCliff MPA.png
Shroomlock, Sushi and Blooper at Sushi Cliff in Mario Party Advance.

The Sushi Cliff is one of the places in Mario Party Advance that is located in the Seaside Area of Shroom City.

When the player decides to stop here, they meet Sushi, a shark who just saw someone fall into the ocean. His quest, Sploosh!, is a mystery, where the player finds it was Shroomlock who went under, but managed to get back on land. He protests that someone pulled him under the water, and wants to find out who. Sushi explains that he saw three people that may be responsible (Blooper, Dolphin, and Cheep Cheep), and goes through their alibis. Solving the crime will reward the player with the Digitizer Gaddget.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Falaise Sushi Sushi Cliff
Italian Scogliera Sushi Sushi Cliff