Flowers Are a Blast!

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Flowers Are a Blast! in Mario Party Advance
The title card for Flowers Are a Blast!
Flowers Are a Blast! in Mario Party Advance
Bob-omba's request

Flowers Are a Blast! is a quest in Mario Party Advance. It starts when the player visits Bob-omba, who asks them for a favor. If they leave before hearing her out, she attempts to stop them from leaving to no avail. If they ask her about it, she explains that she wants a "healthy, pretty" flower as a gift, and points the player in the direction of the Desert Area. The desert happens to contain a field of Piranha Plants, which the narration describes as "healthy and pretty", and the player is able to pick one (this specific Piranha Plant bites the player when picked). If it is brought to Bob-omba, she is perfectly satisfied with the Piranha Plant, and gifts the player the Rochambeau Gaddget as thanks. She then explains that Bob-ombs protect the Town Area, and that the boss of the Bob-ombs is hidden somewhere in Mushroom Condo. She pushes the player to track him down before ending the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Belle et robuste Beautiful and hardy
Italian Pollice verde Green thumb