Egg Panic

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Egg Panic in Mario Party Advance
Egg Panic

Egg Panic is a Gaddget in Mario Party Advance. It is available by default and has no requirements to unlock. The Gaddget can be used to play a four player minigame. Egg Panic is played on the same Game Boy Advance. Each player has to cooperate to complete the minigame. The objective of the game is to fill a bag with eggs without tearing the bag. This can be accomplished by synchronizing button presses. After a certain point, the eggs would hatch, disrupting the synchronization.

This Gaddget appears in the Bonus Board mode, with players taking turns trying not to drop the eggs.


  • A Button – Place egg


  • "Stuff eggs into the bag with friends! Don't rip the bag, or it's all over!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Uovo Panic Egg Panic