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MPA ScreenClean.png
“Screen Clean is a practical Gaddget! It'll clean your GBA screen!”
Bowser, Mario Party Advance

Screen Clean is a Gaddget found in Mario Party Advance. It is obtained by completing the Bowser Toy Shop quest.

As the name of the Gaddget suggests, it "cleans" the screen of the Game Boy Advance by parodying the opening with a blurry screen, after which a wiper scrubs the screen clear in a style similar to a car wash.


  • A Button – Clean


  • "Get your GBA screen sparkling clean! Use often for best results."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese がめんクリーナー[1]
Gamen Kurīnā
Screen Cleaner
French Lave-Glace Windshield Washer
Italian Tergischermo Screenwiper


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