Game Mage

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The title card for Game Mage
Kamek's challenge

Game Mage is a quest in Mario Party Advance that starts at The Hammer. The Hammer is the same one that the player swings during the quest with Hammer Bro, Hammerama, and a nearby sign prompts passersby to spin it; if the player picks it up and spins it for long enough, they are sent flying to the Pyramid, where Kamek welcomes them and the quest immediately begins. Kamek then introduces himself as the "Game Mage", a legendary gambler who had been previously mentioned in other quests involving gambling games, including Amp's Losing Streak, Monty Mole's Winners Keepers, and Penguin's Engaging Game. He compliments the player's skill in arriving there, but he challenges them further with the Pair 'em minigame, offering the minigame and the title of "master" once they win. If the player fails (and does not or cannot use one of their Mushrooms to try again), Kamek bemoans their lack of skill and sends them away, though he assures them to not give up. After the player wins, Kamek deems them more than worth of the title, mentioning that he previously gave the title to Bowser (tying into Bowser's own gambling quest, Game King), but that Bowser went crazy while in the game halls. Before bidding them farewell and ending the quest, he asks the player to never become arrogant.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French L'As du Jeu The Ace of the Game
Italian Mago del Gioco Mage of the Game