A Speeding Bill

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Mario Party Advance quest
A Speeding Bill
A Speeding Bill in Mario Party Advance
A Speeding Bill in Mario Party Advance
The race
Type Sports
Location Mushroom Stadium
Client Bullet Bill
Reward Mini Soccer
Description "Bullet Bill and the player have a short race."
List of quests

A Speeding Bill is a quest in Mario Party Advance. It is given by Bullet Bill at the Mushroom Stadium, and it is initiated when the player interrupts him while he is practicing. Bullet Bill asks them if they want to challenge them, and replying in the affirmative starts the quest. He proceeds to boast about his skills, and asks the player if they think they can outrace him. After their declaration, Bullet Bill promptly starts the race and says that the reward for beating him is a Gaddget. If the player loses the race, Bullet Bill continues boasting about his skill, telling the player to run away since they failed to get close to him. Winning the race stupefies Bullet Bill before he admits that his ego overwhelmed him, giving them the Mini Soccer Gaddget as promised.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese つよきなスプリンター[1]
Tsuyokina Supurintā
Strong Sprinter
French La balle filante The flying bullet
German Wilder Willi Wild Bill
Italian A tutto gas At full throttle


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