Ice Stadium

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IceStadium MPA.png
The Ice Stadium in Mario Party Advance

The Ice Stadium is a location in Mario Party Advance found in the Snow Area of Shroom City. It is an icy baseball stadium and the home of the Snowtown Ice Stars. The teal bricked walls and the teal scoreboard in the background are covered with snow, and beyond them are a couple of tall spotlights illuminating the stadium. Mr. Blizzard, the Ice Stars' ace pitcher, can be found practicing his pitch at the stadium, and if the player approaches him, the Cool as Ice quest is initiated. The player asks Mr. Blizzard to pitch at them, which he turns into a challenge, asking the player to hit one of his pitches out of the stadium. Once they hit a home run, Mr. Blizzard rewards them with a Gaddget, Mini Slugger.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Stade Glacé Icy Stadium
Italian Stadio Ghiaccio Ice Stadium