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Stress Press

Stress Press is a Gaddget invented by Professor Elvin Gadd; this item is found in the game Mario Party Advance.

To obtain the Gaddget, the player must first go to the Mushroom Condo building in the Town Area. Then when the player attempts to enter a floor, the player will see a box in the screen. The box has all the floors shown for the player to go, but there's an empty slot in the box at the bottom side. Pick that slot, and the player will attempt to go to that floor, resulting in that there's King Bob-omb sitting on a chair and accompanied by two Bob-ombs in the background. If the player attempts to talk to King Bob-omb, the player will take the Big Boss Bob-omb quest. If the player wins the Dice Game, the player would obtain this Gaddget.

How to use it[edit]

To use it, the player will first select an object on the screen to be smashed by the Hammer. Objects for to smash to pieces include:

After the player picks an object the player can choose, the arrows and the object at the top screen have been closed up by the steel wall first, and then the object the player picks pops up from the floor on the screen. When the player is ready, the player presses the A Button; and then the hammer attempts to smash the object. Different objects to be smashed may vary.

If the player picks a clay molded Warp Pipe and Mushroom, the hammer will attempt to smash the object; but instead the two objects only got squashed as it looks barely flat.

If the player picks a wake up-clock, the hammer will attempt to smash the object. The smashed object was broken to bits but not entirely as the bits of pieces flew out in the screen.

If the player picks a piggy bank, the hammer will attempt to smash the object. Then when the hammer is done smashing it once, all is left is the remains of the pieces of the piggy bank. Additionally, after the piggy bank gets smashed, there is a single Coin in the piggy bank deposited.

If the player picks a precious diamond, the hammer will attempt to smash the object. After that, all it remains is the shattered pieces of the whole diamond.

The player can smash any number of objects as the player wishes to.


  • +Control Pad – Select
  • A Button – Confirm/Beat


  • Use this little guy to work out all your stress! Squish, squish, squish!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Défouloir Unwinder (as in relaxing after being stressed)
Italian Anti-stress -