Big Boss Bob-omb

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The title card for Big Boss Bob-omb
The dice game

Big Boss Bob-omb is a quest in Mario Party Advance. It starts when the player enters Mushroom Condo's basement (represented by a blank space in the list of options) and talks to Big Bob-omb. It is hinted at after completing Bob-omb's quest, Find the Password, in which Bob-omb says that Big Bob-omb is hiding in the lowest floor of a building, and Bob-omba's quest, Flowers Are a Blast!, in which Bob-omba says that Big Bob-omb is hiding somewhere in Mushroom Condo. When the player enters the basement, Big Bob-omb is surprised by their appearance and asks them what they want. The player can then talk to him, which starts the quest, but they can also leave immediately, which causes him to warn the player not to tell others about his location. If they talk to him, he notices the "fiery look" in their eyes and challenges them to a dice game, promising a Gaddget if they win. The dice game involves the player and Big Bob-omb each rolling a dice ranging from one to ten, with the goal being to roll the highest number. Whoever rolls the highest number gets a point, and getting three points wins the game. If Big Bob-omb wins, he boasts about his victory while giving the player the chance to redo the game (which involves restarting the whole quest). If the player wins, Big Bob-omb praises the player's skill and gives them the Stress Press Gaddget, completing the quest.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Place au roi Make way for the king
Italian Mega Boss Bob-omba Mega Big/King Bob-omb