Toad Force V (Gaddget)

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Toad Force V
Toad Force V in Mario Party Advance
"Everyone in Shroom City is talking about the hot new show Toad Force V!"
First appearance Mario Party Advance (2005)

Toad Force V is a secret Gaddget in Mario Party Advance. It cannot be accessed from the Gaddgets menu in Play Land, and it is only available through the 100-player Attack in Party Land. The mode involves one player setting a record and up to 100 players attempting to achieve a better record; if the set record stays for all 100 attempts, Toadette congratulates the player and lets them see her "treasure," which is Toad Force V.


The Gaddget features a standard Toad Force V Figure on a black background with the Toad Force V theme playing. The action figure can be activated by pressing A Button, which turns it from its compressed state to a proper figure with eyes, arms, and legs. The figure's "V beam" and "eye beam" can only be used during this activated state, which merely light up the figure's head emblem (by pressing L Button) and eyes (by pressing R Button), respectively. Beyond the activation and the lights, the Gaddget cannot be interacted with otherwise. Also, once it is exited, 100-player Attack must be completed again in order to play with Toad Force V.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デラックス キノコンV[1]
Derakkusu Kinokon V
Toad Force V Deluxe
French Toad Force V -
German Toad Force V -
Italian Toad Forza V Toad Force V
Spanish FTV Short for "Fuerza Toad V" (Toad Force V)


  • An unused icon for Toad Force V can be found in the game's code, implying that at some point, the Gaddget could have been accessed normally.


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