Dream Table Tennis (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for Nintendo DS)

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Dream Table Tennis
MaSo TableTennis DS.jpg
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo DS)
Controls Toss, serve and return: A, B and Y Buttons.
Move: Left and right on the Control Pad.
Special Shot: X Button.
Circuits Moonlight Circuit
Sunlight Circuit
Universal Circuit

Dream Table Tennis is a Dream Event that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. The objective of the event is to score fifty points before the opponent, with the event taking place in Blue Sky Field. It is unlocked by completing the Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn Circuits.


In this event, the player plays two matches in a tournament, the first against a random opponent, and the second against either the other winning or losing character, depending on the outcome of the first matches. Once the event has started, the player can serve the ball by pressing either A Button, B Button, or Y Button to toss the ball, and press it again when the ball is at the right eight to it towards the opponent. If the player does not press with the right timing, they will drop the ball and the opponent will gain a point. The service changes every point. Once the ball has been served, the player can return it by moving towards it using +Control Pad, and hitting it back using either A Button, B Button, or Y Button. Hitting it back with A Button gives the ball some spin to the right, Y Button gives it left spin and B Button is a straight hit, though if returned using it with the right timing can return a faster smash shot, the speed of which is indicated by either a slower yellow or faster red trail following the ball. Spin can also be added to the ball by pressing the respective directions on the Control Pad. Rallying the ball will cause the special shot meter to fill, allowing the player to perform up to three Special Shots by pressing X Button. If a character has charged up enough energy for a special shot, their racket will glow until the Special Shot is used. Each character has a unique Special Shot with a different effect and animation. The player scores points by hitting the ball past their opponent, with more points built up by returning the ball to the opponent in a rally, up to a maximum of fifty. The player will score as many points as there were in the rally if they successfully hit the ball past the opponent, with the first character to score fifty points winning. If the amount of points in the rally is more than the amount the player requires to get to fifty, the remaining points will be left in the rally counter, while the player only scores the amount of points required to total fifty.


  • Use the buttons to play this event.
  • To serve, first press the A, B or Y Button to toss the ball.
  • As the ball falls, press the A, B or Y Button at the right timing to hit it for a serve.
  • Left/right on +Control Pad to move left and right.
  • A Button: spin ball right
    B Button: hit straight
    Y Button: spin ball left
  • You can also change the direction of the ball by pressing left or right on the +Control Pad.
  • If you return the ball by pressing the B Button with the right timing, your return will be a fast smash shot.
  • The longer you rally, the more points you can earn by winning it.
  • 50 points wins the game.
  • Each time you hit the ball back, you build up energy in the special shot meter in the lower right corner of the screen.
  • When the meter is full, you can press the X Button to hit a powerful Special Shot.
  • You can stock up to 3 Special Shots.


  • Bowser: Bowser's fifth mission is to earn 20 points or more in a single rally.
  • Vector: Vector's sixth mission is to defeat Bowser.
  • Daisy: Daisy's fourth mission is to successfully return three consecutive special shots.
  • Peach: Peach's sixth mission is to defeat Amy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Tennis de table Rêve
German Tischtennis (Traum)
Table tennis (Dream)
Italian Tennis tavolo Sogno
Spanish Tenis de mesa Fantasía