Skeet (Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games for Nintendo DS)

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Skeet MarioSonicDS.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo DS)
Type Shooting
Info Make your way through eight stations firing at high and low airborne targets as they're released. You only have enough ammunition for one shot per target, so aim carefully. The player with the most hits overall is the winner.
Controls Call: Touch the Touch Screen.
Move sight: Slide on Touch Screen.
Shoot: Press the L or R Button
Circuits Venus Circuit
Planet Circuit
Supernova Circuit

Skeet is a Shooting Event that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. It is set on the Beijing Shooting Range Clay Target Field. The objective of the event is to shoot as many of the clay targets as possible.


In this event, the player shoots a number of targets over eight different stations, with the umber shot at each target varying. There are five at the first station, six at the second, three at the third, fie at the fourth, seven at the fifth, eight at the sixth, four at the seventh and two at the eighth. At the start of each station, the player must call for the targets to be fired, by either touching the Touch Screen once, pressing A Button or speaking or blowing into the microphone. If they player does not input any of these commands within five seconds, the targets will be called automatically and the event will start immediately. The player is able to move around their sight indicated on the top screen by sliding around on the Touch Screen, and the clay targets must be within the sight to allow the player to successfully it them when they shoot. The directions from which the targets are fired are indicated by arrows appearing beforehand on the screen indicating the direction in which they will be fired, and will fly at different speeds depending on the station. The player can shoot the targets by pressing L Button or R Button, and successfully doing so will add to their total. The player only has as much ammunition as there are targets, so missed targets cannot be shot at multiple times. If the player is able to shoot all of the targets at a particular station, they will be given a perfect rating, while if they hit most of them they will be given a good rating. The placement of the characters at the end of the event is primarily decided by the number of targets that they hit, though in the event of a tie their placement will be decided based on who had the shortest total amount of time from their call for targets to their final shot.


  • Use the stylus and buttons to play this event.
  • Touch the Touch Screen to call for targets. When you call, the event will start and targets will be launched into the air.
  • You can also press the A Button or speak toward the microphone instead. The event will start in 5 seconds automatically.
  • In case of a tie in point total, the winner is the person who used the least time amount of time from the call to their last shot.
  • Slide on the Touch Screen to move the targeting sight on the top screen.
  • When the target lines up with the targeting sight, press the L Button (or R Button) to shoot!


  • Tails: Tails' first mission is to shoot all of the clay targets.
  • Wario: Wario's third mission is to hit two targets simultaneously twice.
  • Mario: Mario's third mission is to hit only the five red targets.
  • Waluigi: Waluigi's second mission is to hit only the five blue targets.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クレー射撃 スキート
Kurē Shageki Sukīto
Clay Pigeon Shooting Skeet

French Skeet
German Skeetschießen
Italian Skeet
Spanish Skeet