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This article is about the minigame in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. For the sponsor that first appears in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! sometimes spelled as "Shoot!", see List of sponsors debuting in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! § Shoot!!
M&SATOG Shoot! minigame.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo DS)
Info Touch the turtle shell to hit the characters on the top screen! Get at least 10 points to win!
Points to clear 10

Shoot! is a minigame that appears in the Nintendo DS version of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. Shoot! is used as the minigame for all five doors of the Modern Olympic Games section of the Gallery, and is based around shooting a Green Shell towards various different characters.


In this minigame, the player starts with 15 seconds on the timer and can start the shell sliding by touching it. Whenever the shell is on the Touch Screen, the player can touch it to slide it back up towards the top screen, with the angle of the shell depending on where on the Touch Screen they hit it and the angle that it comes in on. The player must aim to hit the characters on the top screen, which appear at the start of the event and respawn every time the whole screen is cleared. Each time a character is hit, the player's score increases by one and five seconds are added to the timer, up to a limit of 100 seconds. Several different types of characters can appear on the top screen as targets, each with different traits. Goombas are small and walk slowly, while Egg Pawns and larger but move around the screen faster. Boos are faster and a medium size, but turn invulnerable and can only be hit when they are not flashing. Bob-ombs remain stationary and are about the same size as the Goombas, but do not award time or points when hit, but instead blow up the shell and cause the player to lose a life. If the player fails to return the shell, the player will lose a life, and the minigame will end if all three lives are lost. The minigame will also end if the player runs out of time on the timer. The player successfully clears the minigame if they can score 10 points without running out of time or lives.

Difficulty levels[edit]

  • LV1 - Only Goombas appear.
  • LV2 - Both Goombas and Egg Pawns appear.
  • LV3 - Goombas, Egg Pawns and Boos appear.
  • LV4 - All three characters appear, with a large proportion of Boos.
  • LV5 - All four characters appear.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Tire!
German Schießen!
Italian Spara!
Spanish ¡Dispara!